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  1. oh wow! that's a first! Thanks for sharing man, all those phones though. I didn't they they have all those phones to execute the clicks, I was thinking more on the software bots side.
  2. Correction: Vultr introduced a $2.5 plan as their cheapest. And also they use SSDs.
  3. I use Vultr , for my personal website and deploying test servers for pen testing etc. It's really cheap. 5 USD/month for the cheapest plan. and its pay as you go. billed by the hour.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I don't see the "Edit" or "Delete" buttons in my posts. I guess I'll have to just wait and see. Forum system should implement a feature where it verifies the account by a phone number. So if the user verifies his/her phone number then the account is deemed to be non-spam.
  5. Hi, Last night I posted a 'How To' thread under the Hacks/Mods category. Today I decided to write a bash script to automate the process. While I was going through the thread I wrote, I noticed that there are some typos. I would like to edit the thread but there seems to be no option to do so. I understand that as I'm a newbie to Hak5 forums, my account editing privileges are revoked until I post 5 times, but I'm not sure if this is affecting the ability to edit a thread. If anyone could clarify this issue or an admin allow me to edit the thread, that would be awesome! Tha
  6. Hi all, I'm a newbie to Hak5 Forums, so if this thread is in the wrong category, it would be great if the admins could move it to the correct category. Most of you are probably using 'BO' as the region for 'iw' on Linux. This allows the WiFi interface to operate at 30dBm (1 Watt) at max. However, if you're like me and have a device that is capable of transmitting over 1W (I have Alpha Network AWUS036NH - 2W), you might be interested in increasing the TX power beyond 30dBm. By default, selecting 'BO' as the region only allows the device to operate at a maximum of 30dBm. I
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