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    Unless the victim is using Internet Explorer, I don't see the point of having SSL Strip as it is obsolete now. If we could use Delorean, SSL Strip 2 and DNS2Proxy then we would be talking.
  2. Pretty neat, would be sweet if it worked with the Tor module. Will test and update. Thumbs up for coming up with the idea. How slow is it exactly in regards to download speed?
  3. ; Thanks for taking the time out to respond, much appreciated. The whole quoting thing is giving me a headache so I will type up my response all in one. I have no doubt the Nano will be a new experience, as I mentioned before I will most probably get one. I am not implying in any way that you guys didnt work hard on it or that you dont deserve recognition, quite the contrary actually. As a WiFi pentesting enthusiast much of my work has been possible because of your gadgets. You mentioned: If you bought a Mark V for $100 at launch you received over 2 years of firmware updates including ad
  4. Okay so the new gadget looks cool, no doubt, so job well done. But I can't be the only one who notices that it's no different from the Mark V, just smaller and with a better web interface, something they could have easily accomplished with the Mark V, but then again that wouldn't drive sales. Rather cheeky if you ask me. Yes yes i understand the RTL8187 is discontinued and you had to come up with something new, but come on, you can't seriously say you couldn't develop the new web interface for the Mark V as well. The point I'm trying to make is, a lot of people spent good hard earned money of
  5. Sounds to me like wlan1 is in use, Reaver and Wash won't work if it is.
  6. Very useful update, it's doesn't get simpler than this.
  7. You have connected the Ethernet cable right? Also you could try this method although I'm not sure if it will work if you just flashed it: 1. Connect Pineapple to your router via Ethernet. 2. Check your router for connected devices and find the IP of the Pineapple. 3. Try to connect with: IPFROMROUTER:1471
  8. Install Apache on the laptop and forward all traffic from the Pineapple using dnsspoof or iptables. Although if hosting a website is all you want to do, the Pineapple runs Nginx, so you don't really need the laptop.
  9. Its "tmp" and not "temp". Try "cd /tmp" I kept getting the mismatch error myself so had to do it manually.
  10. Tested, works wonders! Haven't had any issues yet, although the brute force (-f) takes considerably longer than a laptop/PC, but that's due to the Pineapple's low specs.
  11. Still in the process of testing, will let you know how it goes.
  12. Why so serious?

  13. Check your PM, there was a lot to paste so I've just sent you a message.
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