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  1. thank you very much crazyclown. That was a bonehead mistake.
  2. I've just recieved my new wifi pineapple mk5 and am attempting to go through the steps of upgrading the firmware. Refreshing the pineapple tile reveals a new firmware and clicking on the tile and upgrading the firmware only gets me an md5 missmatch notification telling me retry. I've retried several times. I've moved on to the manual upgrade solution (logging in through Putty) and cannot seem to change the directory to the temp folder where I had moved the upgrade file via scp. I recieve an error "can't cd to /temp".
  3. After fiddling around and trying everything just about every source on the internet has mentioned on this, I got everything working properly. The solution was simply placing the alfa usb dongle into a different USB port.
  4. Okay, I'll try that. However, changing the setting to "bridged" was something that I tried after the fact in an attempt to fix the issue. I tried adding a new network with my ssid however it won't authenticate. It keeps asking prompting for my password. I've been digging around the internet and it seems this is common, yet I haven't found any solutions. I did find this that I think I might try when I get a chance. http://rumyittips.com/how-to-fix-your-network-adapter-for-backtrack-or-kali-linux/
  5. Yep, I do know my ssid and I know my neighbors ssid. In Windows network connections it shows multiple networks to choose from. In Kali, the network manager is showing Wired network "device not managed" and Wireless Networks "disconnected". I have the wireless adapter in "bridged" from VMware.
  6. I'm unable to see any wireless networks from the network manager in Kali to connect to. Is there any way to get kali to see these? I know there are several around me.
  7. So, I have an Alfa AWUS036NEH usb dongle (https://hakshop.myshopify.com/products/alfa-usb-wifi-awus036neh) and Kali linux doesn't seem to be able to pick it up. In the Network Manager under Wireless Networks it is showing disconnected and no Wifi networks are being displayed. Running iwconfig i get wlan0 and I was able to to get a mon0 using the airmon -ng. Wireshark displays both wlan0 and mon0 in the interface list and I do see some packets. However, these are all broadcast packets.
  8. Thanks Barry. That's what I was thinking. I already have an alfa adapter on the way.
  9. Hello all, I've been searching the internet to no avail looking for information on monitoring the traffic through my router. I have a D-link DIR-655 wireless router with a windows box (with kali installed as a vm) wired in and a macbook air that connects wirelessly. I want to use the windows machine to monitor the traffic of all connected devices. I'm just noodling around with my own equipment and this is just for fun and curiosity. Is there a way to accomplish this?
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