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  1. oh man! thanks a lot funnybunny - got the bloody thing working! so i tried everything EXCEPT turning off Bitdefender - tried turning off its firewall/making exceptions - but had to completely turn it off for it to work and now it does! so thanks for taking the time for such a lengthy answer mate - appreciate the hell outta ya!
  2. Hey Funnybunny ,thanks for repsonse, ok i am using 2.3.0 firmware - have installed this several different times with dip switches and via ssh yes, i am connected to mkv via ethernet have used the wiki numerous times Am starting to think i have a faulty mkv - i have done EVERYTHING many many many times to no avail
  3. Have had Pineapple Mk V for a month and cannot connect online. here are my specs- Sony Vaio laptop Win 8.1 Alfa rtl8187 antennae I use all the recommended settings for ethernet/wireless setup, ie internet facing set to shared, pineapple facing IPv4 set to etc I have been over it a hundred times with the wiki page, pineapple university videos - my set up is 100% correct. I have tried turning off firewall, reinstalling windows, unbricking/flashing pineapple etc etc etc - NOTHING WORKS Could this be a faulty Pineapple and if so how do I find out if it is?
  4. I can log onto the server but cannot get online from there to download infusions etc. All settings have been done properly In networks, my pineapple5 (ethernet) connection has an exclamation mark next to it I checked Network Connection Details and it says "DHCP enabled : No" - it is enabled for my wifi connection would this be what is preventing me to get online?
  5. Finally got this fixed - here's what i did - keep in mind I am a complete beginner to networking etc did a fresh install of windows(upgraded from 7 to 8.1) - this reset the network connections that i had completely stuffed up somehow unbricked pineapple flashed firmware formatted sd I can now access server
  6. I am inputting in the pineapple-facing LAN (connected by ethernet) IPv4 settings
  7. Thank you for your detailed answer Scott2013 I have now managed to connect to the server but...more problems. I can't find any info that addresses this new problem which is : after completing windows tethering (following the tutorial Windows Internet Connection Sharing @ Pineapple University to a T) I successfully access the server. I head to the network tile and click on 'show' internet IP and I get a connection error. When I go back to the IPv4 for the ethernet connection, the IP address and Subnet Mask have been reset to blank. It doesn't matter how many times I re-enter etc the same thing happens. Could this be a problem with my SD Card?
  8. Thanks for your reply Crazyclown - I probably should have mentioned I am not connecting via a router - plugging ethernet cable into laptop and trying to connect to server via wi-fi. I can't ping the Pineapple either when I do this. I am complete beginner to this stuff.
  9. I received my new Pineapple last week and have not been able to connect to the server. I have done a factory reset (twice), put in a new SD card and followed numerous connection guides on this site and others. The Pineapple is working - green light with flickering orange, blue, red. I am out of ideas - any suggestions please?
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