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  1. Pues nada a comprar otro juguete xDDDD... Y a ver donde lo enchufo xDDD https://t.co/DzBbyKvzss

  2. How much you pay for enemies cyber weapons? https://t.co/Bi6ZMwVYWN

  3. RT @trufae: OMG salgo en una canción de trap xDD https://t.co/e2L3lDs2wT cc @navajanegra_ab

  4. RT @MininaKaotika: @t31m0 @NN2ed_s4ur0n @seglibre @FAQinCongress BruteDnsTools https://t.co/N6IBgEVzxE

  5. RT @hashcat: Three special workarounds for the buggy catalyst 14.9 and we're doing 165 MH/s for DEScrypt on a 290x: http://t.co/RSRORvmoqo

  6. RT @NN2ed_s4ur0n: Para los premios, se necesitan VARIOS ganadores en el CTF de #nn4ed *no hay un ganador único* /cc @navajanegra_ab

  7. RT @EHackerNews: Do not try to bend the iPhone 6. That's impossible. Just know the truth. There is no iPhone 6. #bendgate http://t.co/AGDCE…

  8. RT @NN2ed_s4ur0n: Llevamos 08:00 horas desde la apertura del CTF de #nn4ed http://t.co/QzhcvGURe8 http://t.co/Dtj4KLQ9vG

  9. Una vulnerabilidad de riesgo en las máquinas Linux Bash shell Poe http://t.co/vqUwC3omXV vía @IpAudita

  10. Cuatrocientos hackers se darán cita en Albacete el 2 de octubre http://t.co/K5nnvBTYgV

  11. RT @YJesus: From Printer to Domain Admin http://t.co/Tm4eRms988

  12. Does not work with me ... checking which walsh ... many of the networks have enabled wps but the mk5 dont see .... solution ???? does not work ... NOTE: I have tried all the possible options and so far nothing ... says that I have no wps with what is clearly a lie
  13. RT @44CON: GreedyBTS live demo by @hackerfantastic right now at #44CON Track 1 http://t.co/0SQX0bE8L2

  14. RT @CSOspain: Los sitios web populares siguen siendo burlados por ataques SEO según @Akamai http://t.co/4LomEpO8H6

  15. Scared of brute force password attacks? Just 'GIVE UP' says Microsoft http://t.co/Vuuak6rd8h vía @theregister

  16. RT @RagwormUK: NASA is building an air traffic control system for drones http://t.co/ISyYfaqidN

  17. Arachni Web Application Scanner Web UI - Stored XSS Vulnerability CVE: 2014-5469 http://t.co/fiNqAJIYoe

  18. RT @pipemelero: S21sec busca profesionales de la seguridad en diferentes localizaciones http://t.co/T44D12i0kV #empleo

  19. [HowTo] Install Radare2 with bindings http://t.co/eQswy5bL9o

  20. connects ???? dhcp works ???or just not let you connect ???? You try ssh (terminal) see eg dhcp services and interface config??? Iptable config ??? Edit: but to see if I have understood .... conecting client mode?? with the wlan1 ??? .... if so ... and not had any problems with client mode... but give me more details .... Regards
  21. Is ettercap necessary for MITM attacks? .... depends on how you want to do ....but is a good alternative.... You have many ways to capture traffic (tcpdump) for exemple ..... Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't all traffic passing through the Pineapple (which we own) already? .... yes ... but want traffic capture??? what kind of catches you mean???? The target device and the Pineapple itself? ... yes ...so you can keep the data / keys / mails / etc ... in pineapple ....or wherever you want to forward ....
  22. Yup.... If everything is correct you should not have problems .... with explaining ARDETROYA ... should not give you any problems if you do it exactly... Regards
  23. RT @diegodonos: @kioardetroya @t31m0 @bajolared cuando la cosa se normalice haremos piña y lo que haga falta ?

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