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  1. Never mind. Kept trying the reset button and it finally worked.
  2. Began setup. Updated firmware. Went through initial security setup and created root password & SSID password. Rebooted.... On login window used the password I created and says invalid username or password. Connected to AP and tried using the password I created for it and same thing. Hitting reset 3, 6, 12 & 20 seconds does nothing as well as hitting reset while plugging it in USB Any suggestions? TIA
  3. It's been my past experience with the USPS that even though the website appears to be "stuck" on "created a shipping label" the actual item is in fact well on it's way. Not saying that's what's happening here but it'd be my bet. The USPS website is horrendous at updating. That's not Hak5 or Darren's fault. Also, this is just my opinion but I don't feel that Hak5 is you're typical online business selling items that can be found from any number of different sellers online. What they've developed is unique and quite a "nitch" market. Being as such I'd also seem to doubt they're profiting greatly from what they're selling. I could be wrong but it at least seems to me that they're in this more to share information (which is how original hackers of the 70's and 80's felt) than to line their pockets and become the next Zuckerberg. Speaking for myself I'm just happy as hell they do what they do and for the reasons they do it cause I really don't think they "need" to. It's not like I can just go and order a Pineapple, Nano or Tetra from somewhere else. For that I say thank you Darren and Hak5.
  4. Got my notice earlier today. FANTASTIC news! Like having another Christmas. Thanks so much Darren and everyone else at Hak5.
  5. 10-4 / Understand. Appreciate the quick reply. I'm sure I'll get the unit you're developing regardless so I may as well get a Pi now too, I like me some tinkering.. :grin: Thanks Darren.
  6. I was thinking about getting a CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit but since you say that do you think I'd be better off just waiting for your device? When do you expect to be rolling this device out? Can you tell us more about it? TIA MTA
  7. Dude! You didn't let anyone down. We understand and we're with ya. Without you there wouldn't even BE a TETRA to be waiting for! Or Mark V, IV, III and all else... We're good.....
  8. Think they could just go around the date line a couple more times and get here even sooner!.... :grin: A little while longer ain't gonna kill me... Especially since it's due to quality control. Appreciate you keeping us in the loop Darrin. MTA
  9. Ditto that! They have absolutely proven themselves to me. A band of bad ass, out of the box thinking, next generation hackers developing and writing the future of hacking! Making Mitnick proud on a daily basis. WTG guys!
  10. I honestly and sincerely believe my experience was way out of the ordinary and just a one off, fluke. Darren replaced my Pineapple pronto and the new one is working flawlessly! As a matter of fact, firing it up and seeing the potential was an OMG experience. Back in the day I brown and black boxed my way through the early 80's and even though I've always maintained a certain "skill set" with the technology I'll admit those skills have rusted over a bit (okay, a lot) now that I'm an old fart. This device has sparked and rekindled my interest like nothing I've seen since playing on government computers over ARPANET. Not only do I think Hak5 is a trustworthy, reputable, and honest company, I owe it/Darren an eternal debt of gratitude for making such a device that has given the enthusiasm, interest and sense of "system exploration" of the hacker I used to be back to me. Should you have ANY problems with your device I have complete confidence that the company will treat you as well as they have me. Thank you Darren.
  11. Thank you very much Darren, I sincerely believe you in that this actually was what I hoped it was, just a one off, fluke. It was a weird series of cascading events but I understand that every so often, $hit just happens in life and in business. I'll take you at your word that my problem will be corrected and mark this issue "resolved" in advance. My faith and confidence has been restored in Hak5 and eagerly await playing with and having many adventures with my new MKV. I will email you and Sara shortly but since my complaint was posted publicly I also wanted all to publicly know how well the company has handled the issue and that I am now a happy camper. Thank you all for making today a good day... MTA
  12. Followed the above instruction TO THE LETTER..... The unit flashed the stock firmware but still refuses to boot. I'm just going to pack it all up, send it back and hope someone will send a replacement. I say "hope" because no one ever replied to my email I sent on the 20th and yes, I did also look in my spam folder. If I get a replacement and it too has "issues" well, that'll be just about it for me. All I can do at that time is try and get my money back. All in all, not a very pleasant experience thus far. Thanks to those who did try to help though! Much appreciated. MTA
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