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  1. Hi Whistle Master, i tested on my wifi pinapple nano but blacklist mode isnt working. Settings all ok. Version 1.2 Output from log: Mode : blacklist Channel : default Speed : default Monitor : wlan1mon Interface : wlan1mon Starting Deauth... the started process using ssh and "ps w" is mdk3 in whitelist mode: mdk3 wlan1mon d -w /pineapple/modules/Deauth/lists/blacklist.tmp maybe on the deauth.sh at line 87: elif [ ${MODE} == "blacklist" ]; then echo -e "Mode : ${MODE}" >> ${LOG} MODE="-w ${TMPBLACKLIST}" last line should be: MODE="-b ${TMPBLACKLIST}" same on line 87 in autostart_deauth.sh Cheers, DarkPringles
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