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  1. No unfortunally it is still not working. Still no succesfull MitM and no working SSLstrip solution.... This is the second PineApple that I bought (Mark IV and V) and never got the device to do a real world MitM with a fake AP. I just hope someone will be able to provide some pointers on this, because I am getting frustrated to the point where I will probably sell both of them on eBay as "new but does not work as advertised" :-(
  2. The white/blacklisting on Karma has changed into Allow/Block. If I am correct, I should add my own mac-address to the blocklist to prevent it from being MitM'd. However, if i add my mac-address to the block-list for clients, I cannot connect to the Pineapple for management anymore. It blocks any connection to the Pineapple. Am I doing something wrong here?
  3. Hi Guys, I owned a mark IV previously and purchased the Mark V Ultimate kit at Def Con last week to demonstrate MitM attacks. My setup is: - Firmware 2.4.0 - PineAP + Karma running, all the boxed checked - SSLstrip installed and running - wlan 0 + wlan 1 both active with 9db antenna --> used by PineAP - wlan 2 active with an USB WiFi dongle --> connected to my home WiFi as a client Maybe you could help me out with a couple of questions on PineAP? 1. When connecting a client to a spoofed AP at wlan0, I can access the internet (through wlan2). But how exactly do I get to watch the traffic flowing through the device? tcpdump? Which infusion should I install / use? wlan1 is active, but the red LED is off. 2. When running sslstrip, it does not show any of the encrypted traffic from my 'target' (in either verbose and normal mode). I suspect it does not monitor the correct interface/brigde? How do I tell sslstrip to use the correct wlan0->wlan2 connection? 3. Is the external USB WiFi adapter at wlan2 necessary at all with PineAP? If I try to use a client mode connection with wlan1 to my Apple Airport Extreme, it drops the connection after a couple of seconds and does not recover... Any help is appreciated! I really want to show people how MitM is possible with Pineapple... Thanks! Dark Raver
  4. Ok I have reflashed the pineapple again and wiped & reinstalled the usb key. Everything seems ok now! Thank you soooo much!!!! I am one happy bunny now! :-) My only question remaining is how to do live sniffing and injection from a remote pentest workstation. Any ideas?
  5. By the way, it seems the problem is not with the MitM module failing: TCPdump works, but it looks like multiple modules fail to start: MitM proxy is not running... sslstrip is not running... Occupineapple is not running... Any thoughts?
  6. Thank you!! Finally got the picture. I can definitely get TCPdump to capture the packages going through the Pineapple. The dump files are already sitting on my USB drive. Ideally, I would like to use the pinapple standalone with an Alpha USB Wifi device or the WAN port. I found the IPtables commands for WAN on the wiki. 1. What is the recommended setup to do live sniffing (capturing tokens, cookies, credentials, images) from a remote workstation? 2. What is the best way to inject exploits in a web session on the Pineapple? Is there a proxy that supports this for Pineapple?
  7. Yeah sorry did not want to offend anyone or anything. Just very frustrated at the pineapple and/or my own incompetence after 2 weeks of failing to do MitM.... I managed to set up a connection: VICTIM-PC --> WIFI --> Pineapple --> LAN --> WIN7-ATTACK-PC --> WIFI --> INTERNET But I am getting more and more confused. The documentation is not very elaborate on how to do MitM with the pineapple... 1. Which steps should I take to capture traffic using the pineapple? (or even inject scripts, java, etc). 2. Should I run backtrack on the laptop, or something else? 3. Do I need the ATTACK-PC for this, or could I run the pineapple as a standalone device (big advantage when pentesting) Any help to get the next step working by any of the Pineapple-Gurus would be greatly appreciated!! Thanky in advance guys.
  8. Unfortunally, mitm still wont run. I am getting very frustrated and disappointed with the pineapple. Both a friend and myself cannot get our pineapples to do any form of mitm apart from randomroll and dnsspoof. If this device wont do mitm out of the box like the ads implies, this has been a waste of money and time... [/frustrated rambling off ;-)] Has anyone gotten this to work?
  9. Thanks. Will try that tonight, hope it solves my problem.... The Proxy IS installed but does not run.
  10. I cant seem to find it anyhwere.. starting to wonder if it has been installed
  11. I have reinstalled 3x already, no change. I also added +x to all .py scripts. mitm-actions.php seems to call mitmdump, but I cannot find it anywhere (?) More info: - WAN port connected to my (NATed) network - LAN port not connected - Wifi is active, Karma disabled - Pineapple can find the public IP of the network - I can ping to a public server from the pineapple - I can connect my laptop to the Pineapple wifi AP - I cannot browse anything from my laptop (laptop -> wifi -> pineapple -> wan -> microsoft.com) So it seems I do not have basic passthrough connectivity from LAN to WAN... what could be wrong? UPDATE: Random roll seems to work OK
  12. I have upgraded everything to 2.7.0 before installing the MitM module.... Is there any form of logging that I can check other than the generic system log? There is nothing in there that indicates a problem. (I am relatively new to Pineapple)
  13. Yes, the Proxy is installed. When I click 'start' the status changes to 'enabled' and stays that way. In the status window below, when I click refresh it says the Proxy is not running (in white text) after 1 second. When I refresh the page, the Proxy status at the top is back to disabled.
  14. Hi, I have succesfully installed the MITM module to USB on my Pinapple, but cannot get it to run. When I select a script and push the start button, I get "Proxy is not running...". What am I doing wrong here? Thanks for your help!!
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