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  1. guys, this issue has been long resolved in pandora's jar CF branch. http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/pandoras-jar/ enjoy!
  2. I don't know what the problem is - but I'd really like to debug it online with you, as this might help me catch a bug I'm looking for for a long time now. Is that bug for all songs or only some? Can you send me a PM with contact details?
  3. Sadly the fix is not that simple, nothing changed in the file names (they always were extentionless) I promise to debug this once I get home today, I'll probably release PJ_CF8 while I'm at it, which has lots of improvements over CF7 including (*drums*) support for IE with flash-9!!! Keep us posted! CF.
  4. please provide more details, what's pandora's box, where did you get it from?
  5. Have you got everything up and running? are you able to rip manually? if so - just turn on "Cruise Control"...
  6. 1) where can I download that livecd in order to test it? 2) the problem is not a configuration one - it's with the pandora API, look at: <OBJECT id="PandoraEvents" codeBase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,40,0" height="0" width="0 " classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"> <PARAM NAME="movie" VALUE="http://www.pandora.com/PandoraEventsv2.swf"/> <PARAM NAME="quality" VALUE="high"/> <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="#FFFFFF"/> <PARAM NAME="menu" VALUE="false"/> <PARAM NAME="FlashVars" VALUE=""/> <EMBED src="http://www.pandora.com/PandoraEventsv2.swf" quality="high" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" WIDTH="0" HEIGHT="0" MENU="false" NAME="PandoraEvents" ALIGN="" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" FlashVars="" /> </OBJECT> at the end of pandoraGrabber.html, the problem is in this object or related to it. [or with the javascripts - which is less likely]
  7. well, it's all thanks to siege_perilous and his - %USERPROFILE%Local SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5 suggestion.
  8. I'm extremely proud to announce the first successful rip using Pandora's Jar CF 8, FLASH 9, and IE 6.0. anyone has IE 7 and is willing to test this for me?
  9. I don't suppose you've checked what flash-9 under firefox does? Thanks!
  10. album tagging should be fetched from CDDB, if there's any relation between the album tag working/not-working and the mp3md5 settings - it is a bug. I'm glad that album info is working for you now. album-art should be fixed soon and available in CF8, (a week at most). Cheers,
  11. perhaps you have too many files in your temp directory? try cleaning it up. maybe something on your machine updated flash to version 9 by some mistake? are the temp files being created?
  12. you posted so many details and questions (and answers to your own questions) that I'm no longer sure what you're asking, nor what your installation situation is. What did you get sorted (and how) what version are you using? how do you check for ID3 tagging?
  13. Wow, that's dirt cheap. I envy you. You could ask pandora about porting their app to run on a pocket-pc. what browser are you running on the PPC?
  14. perhaps something reverted your changes to pluginsreg, check the file again. if all else fails , use the greasemonkey method.
  15. you must downgrade to flash 8. see other threads for instructions.
  16. Great to see that it's working for you, I'm wondering what might cause this to render differently on your computer, any special settings? special display adapter? special version of FF? when have you installed FF? how many plug-ins have you got installed?
  17. wow. how much are you paying for it? over here that kind of service would cost a fortune, and I guess if I had that I'd also be doing all sorts of on-line stuff with my PDA and my car. though it seems like a lot of work just so you could mark which songs you like and which you don't. except for that ability - which you will loose (with my solution) what else would you be missing? because, thinking about it, you gain the ability to skip fwd. as much as you want, plus - select the next track to play manually, plus - play a track again... which are stuff you don't get with the real pandora. cheers,
  18. Well, now that I know what you want to do I can help you. 1) I'm interested in knowing what type of internet connection you're talking about, is it wifi? EDGE? 2) why pay for internet connection in order to listen to a non-live feed?! how about this solution: I can write a little application that takes two parameters - the name of the radio-station and the amount of megabytes available on your device (or time in minutes that you'd like to be available) and it will create for you a set of files and a playlist to copy to your device. It will be different every time, you will not know what comes next - and it will be based on the stuff pandora played and you ripped. if you download in cruise control while you're not next to the computer - then playing the stuff created by my app or actually listening to pandora should be indistinguishable. waiting for your input.
  19. I use IE & Flash 7, but I can't find 8 or 9. I'll try to explain my question better, I meant - what do you want to be able to do? listen to pandora on the go? in the car? in your living room? wirelessly? connected via bluetooth to a near by laptop? and so on... what do you want to be able to do, exactly?
  20. could you guys report on your trials with PJ_CF? any changes? if it still does not work - can you post the logs? Thanks,
  21. have you entered your pandora's user in the appropriate box in the settings?
  22. what's your usage scenario? perhaps I can hack something up.
  23. mrmath, I was able to download your file (finally). notice that your default.properties file comes with the following line uncommented! mp3.archive.path=C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/MYDOCU~1/MYMUSI~1/Pandora I'll fix that and post the file for download on sourceforge, please send me the few lines of description you want to appear next to the link. cheers,
  24. 1) My version supports arbitrary file name format with custom string %a/%a-%t and so on, I think that's much better. You're right on that count. Much better plan! I think it was you who suggested that feature in the first place :-P 2) I can't seem to download the file, I get the following message for a few hours now: You are currently downloading too many files at once. Multiple simultaneous downloads are only permitted for Premium Members. I will send you an e-mail, please reply and attach a copy. 3) join the team, I promise not to assign anything to you... just being there will help with attracting more developers - and the code you check-in will be tagged properly in CVS (if you'll decide to add a feature or fix a bug). even if you're not going to actively take on bugs or features - at least we will not be creating endless branches, at the end the users must select a single package and there's really no use in having two versions if none of them is perfect. Cheers,
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