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  1. Yes, the flag had reset - Thanks Razor512 for helping me understand why!
  2. I see the same problem on two different computers so I am not sure what is unique to me. The one I'm at now is a plain Firefox install with DownThemAll,Enhanced History Manager, FireBug, CSS Viewer, Googlepedia, StumbleUpon, TabBrowser Preferences and AllinOne Gestures.
  3. OK - so having just got it all working, I have a new problem. When I go to www.pandora.com, pandora works fine. When I load localhost:8085 I get the "In order to use Pandora, we request that you upgrade Adobe's Flash Player." message I downgraded to Flash 8 then changed the value in pluginreg.dat. And it was working. I'm not aware I've changed anything relevant. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. I downgraded to flash 8 & used the "change values in pluginreg.dat" fix to convince pandora I have flash 9. Only CSS viewer - but that is currently not enabled. Thanks for this tip - It didn't work directly (I guess <br> is ignored outside a div... However your pointing me to the right file enabled me to work out a workaround on the same lines. Basically I moved the tuner container right to the end of the form (just before </form> tag. Then it was still moving up left and blocking settings panel - so I just duplicated the div that was right at the end of the </form>
  5. I have got PJ working fine (sorted the Flash 8 hack & got it recording MP3s ok) I do have one problem though - When I load up Pandora's Jar in Firefox (localhost:8085)... At first all seems fine but after Pandora completes loading, the Pandora window shifts up left so the buttons cannot be reached. There is no scrollbar or anything like that. See this screenshot It almost seems like a deliberate hack by Pandora to break Pandora's Jar I did get it not move once by hitting F5 to reload but this doesn't seem to be working any more. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas how to fix. Can't
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