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  1. Might want to take a look at this address: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/203/RipOff0203925.htm I wouldn't let it scare you too bad, it looks as though its just one bad experience and we might not be getting the hole story, but still worth looking at. Good luck! :)
  2. I see what you are saying, but you cant save the world... even if you were to catch this guy there would be 2 others right there doing the same thing. It all comes down to end-user security and knowing the dangers present in anything online. your friends and family and everyone for that mater need to educate themselves. That's the only real way to stop people like this. Don't worry about catching this guy. Just up the security measures. Best of luck
  3. My advice... if it is true... live <_< , learn , move on ;) . Look at my user name for example... its not just a name... its a way of life haha
  4. haha yeah... its a little more funny to me now too
  5. I think you might have been looking for... "spontaneity"... I think
  6. I was just wondering if there is a way that I can share my blackberry internet connection over my home network? I found a post on another forum where someone had found a router that would do this, but he said that it was way over priced and and didn't really work all that well anyway. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Thanks ADM1NX, That would be much better than having to purchase new ones all the time. Any idea where your brother got his?
  8. That's a good idea, only thing that might still be an issue is the missing toner inside. I joined a printer forum (yeah, they have those lol) and found out that some printers will do the same thing if the sensor doesn't detect the toner inside. But I don't know for sure and anything is worth a shot at least once.
  9. Wow! Another prime example of why the Hak5 community is as successful as it is. Thanks to all the posters and of course the original poster, this is just amazing!! Awesomeness!!! :D
  10. Well ok then. That was simple enough. I guess I'm headed to town to get some freaking toner.
  11. As they say.... $h!t happens lol Its no big deal Come back to us nullArray... we come in peace
  12. Ok... this is my last post here directed to you First I never said I didn't like the Wii all together. I said I agreed with its short comings... and I do. In fact I have a Wii that I tend to fire up at least 3 times a week. Also Your opinion is respected. That was the hole point of my last post. It is you that attacked me for "praising" his "baseless" post as you called it. Which means you were not respecting me to give praise where you don't see it fit. In conclusion... let it go dude... we are all part of the kick @$$ hak5 community... so lets get back to simply helping each other out.
  13. Your missing the point... Its not about agreeing... its about respecting I admit the language was a bit rough, but it was something he was obviously passionate about and he expressed his opinion differently than you would have... and that's ok PS I dont' hate you for a post... I don't know you... here you are nothing but an IP
  14. To each his own, but I believe that anybody can criticize someone else when they voice an opinion that may be different or voice it in a manner another sees as "childish". Speaking of childish... I suppose the "adult" thing to do when you come to a thread you disagree with or categorize as childish ...... is to move to another. h3%5kr3w clearly put a good amount of time and effort into the post and it is members like that, that help create active and positive online communities. Sorry if that's rude So.... again I say... Mad props to h3%5kr3w were all friends here anyway (I hope)
  15. I will give the tripping idea a try (that's a good one ;) ) If that doesn't work I will probably just unload this thing on Craiglist or eBay like you suggested, because I'm about to through it into the tub with a toaster just to make sure I get the job done. lol
  16. Thanks... I'll give that a look real quick as see what happens.
  17. Well... First off, I agree with all of the limitations and let downs produced by the not so mighty Wii, but that is not why I am posting here. I just wanted to give some mad props to h3%5kr3w for an amazingly thought out and executed post! B) NICE!
  18. hummmm..... Its good too see our tax money is hard at work keeping matters of national security..... "secrete"
  19. I have an HP Color LaserJet 2600n. I have a black toner cartridge in it, but none of the colored ones (they are like $70 a piece). I want to print (just black), but it wont let me without the other toners. There is a pop up that tells me I need to insert the remaining cartridges. My question is... is there anyway I can get around this and make it print with just the black cartridge? Thanks!
  20. :D That clears it up for me.... and so much more Thanks!
  21. Ok... I left my computer room for about three minuets... I just got back and my mastiff (his name is hank the tank) who is a huge @$$ dog was chewing on my extra freaking RAM. Hes an awesome dog... but damn it! Its kind of funny though I guess... Maybe his memory will be better now ;)
  22. Nice! I'm happy to see you choose to build vs buying B) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
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