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  1. I suppose, but I don't think the government hires or even contracts work based of the word of experience. I'd say they might want a little more validation. But I could be wrong, I mean Iv never tried for a government job haha.
  2. You have no college degrees, no computer certifications? and you have worked for the government? What kind of connections do you have?
  3. Great! Thanks a lot! I didn't even know to look for software sources (noob ) haha
  4. A+ is really good to have. I would also look into Net+ and also MCSE. Good luck
  5. I have been trying to play Left 4 Dead and it keeps crashing (freezes and goes back to my desktop) I have tried tweaking all the settings, updated my drivers and googled the problem. One thing I found via google was to play the game in window mode with no boarder. After doing that it plays longer but then does the same thing. None of my other games are doing this. I played Dead Space for about 3 hours the other night. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I find all the info useful and hopefuly so will other members and guests that read it.
  7. Nice, what type of academics did you have that helped you get the job? Thanks for the quick reply by the way.
  8. Hello, I was just curious as to how many of the hak5 community had IT jobs. If you do, what is it? What do you do? What degree (and or certifications) did you have to have to get It? I think this topic will help the members of the community that don't yet have IT jobs (like myself :( ) see what we should be doing to achieve a career that we actually like. Thanks!
  9. Ok, Thanks. I will give that a try too
  10. Thanks... That's what I was looking for
  11. My name is Chad.... but you can call me Chad Favorite game: Solitaire Favorite OS: windows 3.11 Favorite console: N-64 (woop woop) Nationality: American Accent: Your the one with the accent Sex: Depends Age: 25 Race: Who's driving what? Height:Taller than short but shorter than tall Status: Booting Build: With legos Favorite band: rubber bands Favorite book: I haven't written it yet Favorite author: Me... soon Favorite movie:I was told to keep this PG-13 so I will stop at that Favorite TV Show: TV guide Channel Favorite actor: Billy Maze (that guy that sales all the junk on tv) Other hobbies: Don't have any, can I use one of yours Occupation: What??? Just trying to keep it fun... don't be haten
  12. I have been seeing a few screen shots of ubuntu with transparent windows. I have figured out how to get the terminal to have this look, but not the rest of my windows. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  13. True, but there could always be another lurking somewhere just waiting to destroy all
  14. I have to agree with lnxr0x. I had a computer that did that and it was driving me insane. I took the side of the case of and found that it was in fact a fan, but it like yours wouldn't do it all the time. And remember, it could be worse... It could be and evil server!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! (if you don't understand that, its time to start watching the show a little closer) Good luck
  15. Not really sure what exactly you might be looking for, but if you are interested in staying up on gaming reviews and hardware reviews and some other little news stories the following url is a good place to go every now and then http://www.bluesnews.com/ Hope that helps
  16. Thanks... I will give that a try and see what happens
  17. I am new to ubuntu (and linux in general), as if its not obvious. I am trying to install xmms on ubuntu 8.10 but I keep getting an error. What I type in the Terminal: sudo apt-get install xmms My error: E: Couldn't find package xmms I'm not sure where to put the package so that it can be found to be installed. Sorry for the newb question, but I guess I have to start somewhere. Thanks!
  18. I gave wine a try, but I hit a wall. When I ran it, it said that it must first connect to the internet... but that's my problem in the first place lol..... so?
  19. Thanks guys, I will give these ideas a try.
  20. Ok. I live out in the bonnies and there is no way for me to get true broadband internet. So, I rely on my blackberry. I have just installed Ubuntu on an old computer I had sitting around and I would like to be able to use the internet through my blackberry on ubuntu. Can anyone please help me figure out how to get the Verizon Access Manager to work with Ubuntu. THANKS!
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