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  1. lol Now that would be big pimpin B)
  2. What are you??? 12??? We are not ostracizing you for your opinions, in fact your opinions are welcomed (if respectful) it is about the way you continue to attack others. Just let it go... count to ten... relax.... woooossssaaawwwww
  3. hahahaha I have never even heard of this before... Iv been missing out
  4. http://nexus404.com/Blog/2007/06/25/glorio...-computer-case/ I just thought this was pretty cool, give it a look. Post any other cases you know of that are unique if you want.
  5. haha... I'm betting they would reply with, "umm... keep the change, we should be going, we are late for an appointment."
  6. I'm partial to the Glock 40 myself... as Im sure you could tell from my (similar) post lol
  7. Thanks a million guys! Its awesome to see that people who have never even met can find a common ground to stand on. Thanks to everyone, but I must give an uber-thanks to h3%5kr3w for his "hall monitor" post lol Nice I leave you with... Hak5 kicks @$$
  8. lol... Could have said "Sorry, I only have cash." and then walk away... Probably followed with an @$$ kicken though haha
  9. lol... big muscles have that effect on people
  10. Thanks for the information, that explains a lot. I had no idea, that's why it freaked me out a bit. (for clarification it would have been the same if they were white, black, glowing green) Ok... maybe the glowing green would have been a little worse lol
  11. Your right nullArray... only terrorists can hurt us... we don't need any form a of protection to guard ourselves from anyone else. <<----- sarcasm Any joe shmo walking down a street can be dangerous... Had it been a car with four people in that looked just like you I would have done the same thing, because as you continue to prove with each of your post... any body can be crazy. To everyone else I am sorry for the triple post... I am very tired and I didn't even realize I was doing it. lol
  12. Thanks Kyle2.0 for seeing this post for what it is. It was simply a story that I found to be odd and I thought I would share it with my fellow Hak5ers Also thanks to Mnemonic and Zimmer for your posts and good points as well
  13. Hey... your the one that has attacked me twice now. And it was just a title... time to move on nullArray
  14. Yeah... just understand that some peoples lives are so sad and empty that they feel as though they need to try to start crap in a forum because they don't have what it takes to backup their attitudes in the real world. Don't let it get to you though, just keep posting ;)
  15. Thanks.... Its good to hear some reason... nice touch on the trunk scenario too haha I love the math too... that's just greatness
  16. Not my fault... this is the USA... it works both ways buddy... I am just as familiar with their ways as they might be with mine... So they and you can both deal with it... As I said in the original post it had nothing to do with their accents or background... there have been some robberies in my area ( as I said in the post) that was the big deal. Now to cover the stereotypical American part as you call it... I am a proud American... but you seem to be the one with the attitude. By the way you are the one that associated Arabic with terrorism... no where in my post did you see me do that. So why don't you come down off your thrown. This was not a race thing at all... I feel I was very clear about that, but I guess I will use pictures next time to help clarify. PEACE!
  17. why did you edit your post... haha... I had to edit mine now because it made no sence lol Anyway... Welcome to the Hak5 Forums
  18. That's true... maybe when they stopped up the road they changed drivers because the other guy couldn't hardly speak English anyway and I don't know if he even understood half of my directions haha
  19. Nice edit... If you find something as minuscule as this "horribly offensive"... you must live in a freaking bubble. Take it down a notch big boy... Didn't we already have this talk about what you should do when you come to a thread you don't like or agree with in another one? Allow me to refresh your memory (I suggest an upgrade by the way)... go to another one Stop trying to make this something that its not, just because your angry/sad I stood up to you and sided with another Hak5er in another thread. ;) Have a good day!
  20. Thank you...exactly... It was just odd that they all got out... My first thought was they wanted to just stretch their legs or something, but then they all started coming up to me. They were trying to get somewhere in Ohio... Why they were way way way out in my area looking for an ohio address I have no idea... I live in indiana
  21. You caught me... I made it up... good job detective nullArray By the way... this is the "Everything Else" section buddy
  22. haha good point... but so would you and it wasn't about race... it was an out numbered issue
  23. I have no racist thoughts what so ever, so don't get the wrong idea here. I was just out shoveling my driveway (I hate snow), when a car pulls up and stops. Now keep in mind from this point on I live in the boonies and I literally have no neighbors, which means no help should I need it. Anyway, when the car stops its no big deal, but then four men climb out. At this point I'm thinking ok, if nothing else... run if you have to, but wait... that's right... there is over a foot of snow in any freaking direction.. son of a. I see one man holding a paper, one with his hands behind his back and the other two with their arms crossed. The one with the paper starts asking me directions (in an Arabic type accent) . The accent isn't really what got to me I was just like ok, but why do four men need to get out of the car for directions. I look at the paper and it is a map. I tell him where he is and explain where he needs to go next. He starts to ask some more questions as the others inch closer and about the time (finely) My mastiff (Hank the Tank) comes running out of the barn barking and snapping. I haler at him to stop (in my mind I'm thinking good boy... prepare to attack lol) At that point everybody but the driver gets back in the car (god bless mastiffs ;) ) After a few more questions the driver gets in the car and takes off about 200 feet then stops. I'm like forget this I'm going in the house, getting back on Hak5 and sitting snuggly with my Glock 40 before I end up as a special report on CNN haha It didn't help matters that there has been a lot of robberies going on in the rural areas of my county. And remember NO racist thoughts... its just a dangerous world PS... if none of you hear from me again... SOS!
  24. I too have wondered what a combination would be like... but my luck I would get the mixture wrong and my stomach would explode... haha... nice poll ;)
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