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  1. Wow! Another prime example of why the Hak5 community is as successful as it is. Thanks to all the posters and of course the original poster, this is just amazing!! Awesomeness!!! :D
  2. My name is Chad.... but you can call me Chad Favorite game: Solitaire Favorite OS: windows 3.11 Favorite console: N-64 (woop woop) Nationality: American Accent: Your the one with the accent Sex: Depends Age: 25 Race: Who's driving what? Height:Taller than short but shorter than tall Status: Booting Build: With legos Favorite band: rubber bands Favorite book: I haven't written it yet Favorite author: Me... soon Favorite movie:I was told to keep this PG-13 so I will stop at that Favorite TV Show: TV guide Channel Favorite actor: Billy Maze (that guy that sales all the junk on tv) Other hobbies: Don't have any, can I use one of yours Occupation: What??? Just trying to keep it fun... don't be haten
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