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  1. There is a text book, but not with these terms in them. The idea of the class is to make us research via the internet (I include hak5 forums as research haha). Another opstical is that it is all an online program, so I cant exactly lean over and tap my neighbor on the shoulder lol. Also this is one of our finale projects so the instructor wont just give me the definition. Thanks for the suggestions though. OOOOOO.... I found it.... It is a file sharing protocol used widely for windows and unix systems, which is really an extension of the SMB protocol. That's why the search keep redirecting me. Thanks for the help and suggestions!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I had found this link already but it says: CIFS currently redirects here, even though CIFS and SMB do not exactly equate to each other. Will this still work as a definition?
  3. I need to describe what CIFS is, but even with the all mighty powerful Google I am not having very much luck. It redirects me to Server Message Block (SMB) and I don't think that is what I'm looking for. If someone could please help me out here I would really appreciate it Thanks!
  4. I thought Al Gore invented the internet? lol
  5. If you are running linux it would be cool to have a windows logo inside of a "thank you for not smoking" type circle. Also, how about some before and after pics?
  6. The CD works on my other computers though. Could this still be the issue?
  7. Yes, Is just stops and says unable to boot. I know its not the drive because I can put in an XP cd and it will boot and allow me to install.
  8. I have an HP pavillion zt1230 laptop (old, but still want to try to do something with it). I can not seem to get a live-cd to boot on this machine. I have tried ubuntu 8.10, Knoppix (old, but I had it so...) and BackTrack3 live CD . My other laptops and desktops boot from these live CDs with no problem. Any ideas as to why it won't boot? Is there anything I can try to get it to boot on the hp? Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks a lot guys. Looks like Iv got some downloading to do ;)
  10. My bad... I didn't know that was bad forum edict. Thanks for letting me know though. Hey... that gives me an idea for a new topic... "forum edict". So noobs (such as myself) know what and what not to do. Never mind, There is already a topic for that, that I just now seen... haha... like I said.... "noob"
  11. Ok. I am going to school for Web Design (I just started and don't really know diddly). I was thinking of trying to build a product distribution web site and hopefully make a little extra cash. I already have access to wholesale products, but I need to know the best way to set up something like this. Is zen-cart something to look into or is there something better? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. That sums it up good enough for me. Thanks for the in depth explanation.
  13. I came across this (see the link below) and I am not sure what to think about it. I was hoping that somebody has used and and could tell me how well it works or if there is something out there that is better. I prefer to game with a keyboard and mouse and I would like to be able to do so on a console. http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/6918/Play-Ha...Keyboard-Mouse/ Thanks
  14. Just wanted to say thanks to everybody for the suggestions. I will be taking a look at these books.
  15. haha nice post.... "I may..... or may not" give that a try
  16. I had the same issue with an old HP I had. I found that it wasn't worth the money to get a new screen, but that night not be the case for you. If nothing else, if it has a VGA port, just hook up another monitor to it. This way it wont be a total loss. Good luck
  17. I meant to put this in Security and Hacking, but I apparently clicked the wrong link. My bad
  18. I myself don't really know of any good books. I have a few such as "Secrets of a Super Hacker" and "Steal This Computer Book, What They Don't Want You to Know About the Internet", but they are both very outdated and weren't really that good in the first place. I was hoping that some of you out there in hak5 land might have some suggestions. Pleas provide links to any books or tutorials if possible.
  19. I just thought it would be interesting to see what you use for your, shall we say "network exploring". List your software and hardware of choice. Also, maybe list any links that others can use to download the same software Thanks
  20. Nice post... I find myself wondering, if these kids can achieve such a feat now, just imagine what they will be capable of once they reach adult hood.
  21. Cool... Iv thought about getting into security too, but I am in school right now for web design. Probably wouldnt be a good idea for me to try to do both at the same time, its bad enough by itself. Good luck with your studies
  22. hummm.... I have not tried that.... I will give that a run here in a few and see what happens. Thanks
  23. I did and after it seemed to run a little longer but the end result was unfortunately the same.
  24. Nice... send some luck my way
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