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  1. Damn, to bad there is no keyboard short cut to open the terminal. Maybe if I tell it to type terminal.app?
  2. Yeah there are to many variables with OS X, when you type just "terminal" into spot light does terminal show up?
  3. This should open Spot Light It's uses CMD+Space, but since spot lights command can easily be changed or you can even disable spot light all together it may not work. What it does: Blinks once when starting the code Quits any popup that pops up Opens spot light Searches and opens terminal Pings google (this can be changed to what ever you want it to do CTRL+C to stop anything running Quits terminal Blinks twice when it finishes running. int ledPin = 11; void setup() { pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); } void loop() { delay(8000); //LED blinks when code starts digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); delay (1000); digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // Command key Keyboard.set_modifier(MODIFIERKEY_GUI); Keyboard.send_now(); // Command key + Q to quit any pop ups Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_Q); Keyboard.send_now(); // releases Q key Keyboard.set_key1(0); Keyboard.send_now(); // delay delay(500); // open spotlight Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_SPACE); Keyboard.send_now(); // releases keys Keyboard.set_modifier(0); Keyboard.set_key1(0); Keyboard.send_now(); // open terminal Keyboard.print("terminal.app"); // delay delay(50); Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_ENTER); Keyboard.send_now(); Keyboard.set_key1(0); Keyboard.send_now(); // delay for termianl to load delay(4000); // enters someothing in terminal Keyboard.print("ping www.google.ca"); delay(50); Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_ENTER); Keyboard.send_now(); Keyboard.set_key1(0); Keyboard.send_now(); //time for command to run delay(9000); //stops commands Keyboard.set_modifier(MODIFIERKEY_CTRL); Keyboard.send_now(); Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_C); Keyboard.send_now(); Keyboard.set_key1(0); Keyboard.set_modifier(0); Keyboard.send_now(); //quits terminal Keyboard.set_modifier(MODIFIERKEY_GUI); Keyboard.send_now(); Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_Q); Keyboard.send_now(); Keyboard.set_key1(0); Keyboard.send_now(); delay(200); //led blinks twice when code ends digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); delay (1000); digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); delay (1000); digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); delay (1000); digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); delay(900000); }
  4. No, the phantom keystroker is this http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/input/ae83/ There is a thread on phukd here http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=16061&hl=
  5. You can comunicate with HID's, Think force feedback joysticks? Those are HIDs right? But maybe they count as something else :|
  6. Yeah my Teensy cost me only $21 shipped. It's not expensive.
  7. Yeah I agree it's a good idea, we have moved to digital media, if we don't do something in 50 years there will be nothing left to show of us.
  8. Got my teensy, now time to start playing with it, I wish I new C D:
  9. Seshan

    It' Teensy Time?

  10. Ah, Yes, that's the site I was trying to remember, the same one you got the pineapples from, I figured that's probably where you got the ducks from.
  11. 62.5 keystrokes per second is still incredible fast.
  12. What's in side the "USB Rubber Ducky"? The USB rubber ducky uses a Teensy 2.0. You can order them online here: http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/ How do I use the Teensy? In episode 503 Darren showed us the basics of a Teensy. Watch that segment here: http://revision3.com/hak5/Service-Unavailable#seek=277:865 What about the connector? The USB rubber ducky uses a Type-A Male USB to a Mini-B Male USB (Mini-B Not Type-B, could also be called a 5 pin usb) connector, you can find one here http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.441 and another one here http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.2704 you could find them on eBay, But I prefer Deal Extreme. What about the ducky!? You can find your flavor of ducks here http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksi...-All-Categories or at your local brick and mortar dollar store. I want to talk to other people about my love for the USB Rubber Ducky You are in luck! USB Rubber Ducky has a IRC room at irc.awesomeirc.net #ducky That's the same IRC server that #hak5 uses! I'd like to share my code with everyone! That's great! Mark your thread tittles with and what OS it is for [Win] [OS X] [linux] , Etc. To make it easier for people to find it! Example Topic: "[Code][Win] This is my 1337 code"
  13. You could probably get show notes from rev3.
  14. Woot! Time to celebrate! Cake for all!
  15. To bad I don't know any programming languages, But I bought one a couples weeks ago and should be here soon, I'd rather learn on one I bought my self and let the free ones go to people that know how to program. :) I also hope the wiki goes back up soon, it will be helpful for this. :D
  16. It sold for $107.50 I wish I could sell my notebooks for that price :P The person that won it probably doesn't come on the forums D:
  17. I didn't bid, I don't have money to spare. I wonder who got it.
  18. If you win this, http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...E:B:WNA:CA:1123 Please scan it and upload it, Thanks :D
  19. Yes we really need it. So much of Hak5 is on there. :|
  20. I'm pretty sure conficker didn't crash your Win7 laptop....
  21. You don't need flash to download them. You can find out what Darren is doing here: http://www.hackacrossamerica.com/
  22. No. He will be doing the show there, and I can't wait, there are more opportunities for Hak5 in California.
  23. California = Tech god land. Is there anymore that needs to be said?
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