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  1. Ha, wow. I got it. Here was my problem. #!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common # Copyright (C) 2008 dninja@gmail.com START=50 start() { include /lib/network scan_interfaces /karma/bin/create_option_list.rb [ -d /karma/www -a -f /karma/etc/httpd.conf ] && httpd -p 1471 -h /karma/www -r karma -c /karma/etc/ht iptables -I FORWARD -i ath0 -o br-lan -j ACCEPT logread -f | awk '{if ($0 ~ /(KARMA: |DHCPACK|DHCPDISCOVER|DHCPOFFER|DHCPREQUEST)/) {sub (/ \(.*\).*: tail -f /tmp/status.log | /karma/bin/logwatch & iwpriv ath0 karma 1 <------- Same line ----------- } stop() { killall httpd } Your tut says "Add iwpriv ath0 karma 1 to the last line of the start() function in" So I added it to the last line. :P Maybe re word it or add a screen shot of what it should look like so other people don't have this problem. Well thanks for sticking with me and helping. :D
  2. I'm getting a /etc/init.d/jasager: line19: syntax error:EOF in backqoute substitution :|
  3. I got this and that's it 728 root 1956 S /user/sbin/httpd -p 80 -h /www -r Openwrt I tried the command anyways, (Didn't think it would) and it says "Address already in use"
  4. Yeah there are macro's for RuneScape, not really hacking just automation.
  5. I was setting my NIC to that was the only way I could SSH into it. I've tried and it didn't work. Here's the output from ping and route print. http://img.skitch.com/20091209-myg66enqkj7...7nxfkc1d2mu.jpg
  6. I'm trying to get to the jasager interface, I tried that ip, and many others and nothing comes up. But I can still SSH into it from
  7. Ugg, I still can't get a web interface up with the Jasager firmware. I can SSH into it fine.
  8. Okay, so now I how do I get to the web interface :| I tried connecting to and nothing. I never had this much trouble installing Jasager before :|
  9. So you mean install the firmware from your site and not the package like in this guide?
  10. Okay so I un bricked my fon and now I'm trying to flash the jasager firmware again. But I am having the same problem above. Can any one help?
  11. Have you ever forwarded chain mail? Back in the day, I accidentally added everyone from a chain mail to my hot mail contacts. So that could be what happened, and some one spammed them.
  12. Seshan

    Hack Wars

    Played the uplink demo, it's seems fun, to bad the Mac version is $25 :|
  13. It's December already, Time to spend all your money on people you don't care about. At least you will always have your desktop ;)
  14. Why would you want to :| You wouldn't get the features it has. Anyways, I think they use a different chip set, so I don't think you can.
  15. Your right, Here have fun. http://www.wifitalk.ca/?p=177
  16. US only, just so you know.
  17. This one is a read. http://theoatmeal.com/story/twilight
  18. It's been down for months, don't know what's happening with it.
  19. Sorry to tell you this but Wargames is a movie based on fiction.
  20. You didn't see how many deags had then.
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