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  1. It won't succeed out side of the US (If it even does in the US), They are relying on services like Hulu, Lala and Pandora, none of witch work out side of the US. Also, 3G is expensive in most places in the world, and not having a internet connection will make it useless.
  2. Bigina. First thing I thought of when I read the tittle. :|
  3. Seshan

    COFEE Leaked

    Anyone get it yet? I got it. I uploaded the user guide here if anyone wants to look at it. http://rapidshare.com/files/304266954/User..._COFEE_v112.pdf
  4. Anyone know of some cheap domain privacy services? I have some none .ca domains (.ca domains require a option for free privacy, I wish ALL domains where like this) and I don't like having all my info on a domain.
  5. Yeah, but I heard it doesn't get as good reception.
  6. The Alfa AWUS036H has been update and they say it's 1000mW, Anyone get it yet? Does it have better reception? http://www.data-alliance.net/-strse-73/Alf...-USB/Detail.bok
  7. WTF, lame, it missed everyone.
  8. *sigh* That's where you're suppose to pull the "I'm a 31337 h4x0r" card. :P
  9. It was evil server, he was getting jealous. Now they can do a show on replacing it and adding a touch screen :)
  10. I doubt it, does anyone actually care "How sexy are you?" "How much of a slut are you?" "What kind of prostitute will you be?" I know I sure don't and I hide everyone of those things that pop up on my feed. They are fucking annoying. I actually delete people off my list if they do them to much.
  11. I use to use sites where you fill out offers and click links to get small mounts of money, they work, but this is not the same. You have to get other people to sign up and get them to do offers to get anything.
  12. Pyramid scheme's are fail. Is advertising allowed? I consider Ref. Links advertising.
  13. How to Hack Your WPA TKIP! A Noobs Guide What You Need! Step 1. This may take some time and some patience, you may mess up a couple times but do not give up! Step 2. Congratulations! You hacked your router!! You are now a 31337 h4x0r! Go brag to your friends!
  14. Seshan

    WIFI Kit

    http://www.data-alliance.net/ ships from the US, Canada, UK, Mexico. That's why I like them, not many places have shipping centers in Canada.
  15. Seshan

    WIFI Kit

    Bought my card from http://www.data-alliance.net/ bought a bunch of N connectors off ebay to make some antennas.
  16. If the whole internet get's shut down, I think there will be more important things to worry about. Like am I going to grow a tail out of my ass, or a hand out of my head.
  17. Reminds me of a cheap porno. Oh and she says OS X wrong. n00b.
  18. It was only select subscribers in those areas, not everyone got them. Check ebay.
  19. We run win 98 on our Order system thing at work. (I work in a kitchen)
  20. Yeah, I think in 10 years desktops will be rare, even now they are dying everyone wants portability, look how cheap notebooks have gotten in the last 5 years. Everything will be going into the cloud. We will be using low power portable computers and be accessing everything on the internet. If company's like OnLive actually end up working, gaming people won't need powerful desktops or notebooks. Or even consoles really, I think they will end up dying too, Game developers really don't like have to develop games for 4 different platforms. If everything is going into the cloud, OS does not matter, I can't wait to see what company's like Microsoft will be like in 10 years. *Edit* Man If OnLive actually works, what won't they be able to do, imagine just renting software like autocad, photoshop, soldworks and having it with in seconds working right there on a low power cheap computer.
  21. You pretty much always have that problem, but you can install linux on pretty much everything.
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