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  1. I just post this link http://www.radioamatoripeligni.it/i6ibe/ The owner of this site is Ivo...a well known Ham Radio operator living just few KM. from me. :)
  2. My mistake. Of course,being a device intented for dtt reception,cable impedance is 75 Ohms. So You must use Rg-59. You can buy in every Ham-Shop (if they still exists!) ;)
  3. Hi all, as an old ham radio operator I am very interested on SDR and all related to it. I got my ham license some 30 years ago and I was playing with TNC's,antennas,rf power tubes for a long time. That said,back to SDR. These dongles are fantastic...You can do almost everything (receiving) and they are very cheap. From my personal experience....the one with the Elonics tuner (E4000) is the best. Sensitivity..frequency range...construction...rocks! Just one downside...it comes usually with the standard tv connector. PLEASE....do not use any adapter!!! Just desolder that ugly connector and solder on the board a 5 cm. of rg58 and a N Connector. Keep cables very short...and use quality connectors....(soldering an N male connector is an art!) I got a lot of links on mods....converters and antennas...if You are interested....just drop me a line and I will share. 73's IK6.... ;)
  4. m1k

    Pwnpi V1.0

    Digip...I do not own one yet... what i know is very stable,non very fast with Debian+lxde. Really think is the perfect hacking platform. If someone succed to connect to the PI a led display,it will be fantastic. Reflex...keep on working on PWNPI !
  5. http://cyberarms.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/officials-confirm-stuxnet-was-a-us-israel-creation/ Elections very close....not optimistic for the future...not at all...
  6. m1k


    http://code.google.com/p/subterfuge/ Anyone used that? What do You think about it? Looks cool...
  7. m1k

    Rasp Pi

    I am following the evolution of the project,must say it could be the perfecy HACKMACHINE. It gets power from usb,good excuse to connect to anybodys pc to "recharge". Can plug a very inexpensive BT and show the pwnned how it can be use as a remote keyboard use an android phone. Wardriver drone...perfect use. Keylogger.....PI is very small. Debian ARM and Fedora is running on this device.....a custom stripped backtrack arm is a dream? Smart TV project..... Video surveillance and video streaming....security monitoring... I really think PI should be take as a base for 100 cool projects. And I couldn't imagine a better place than here,HAK5 community!
  8. Take care about pin (rxdata,txdata,ground) Any converter with max232 or similar will work.
  9. Try this...for me worked a lot of times. 30/30/30 reset This is the first attempt to reset the hardware if you get locked out or if you misconfigure the router. The 30/30/30 reset is supported by almost any router. Actually, I’m not really sure if that is 100% correct but it doesn’t take much time to test and that’s why I tried it and I’m posting it here. It’s called the 30/30/30 reset because you will need to press the router’s reset button for thirty seconds for three period. Firstly, while the router is plugged in and running, press the reset button and keep pressing for thirty seconds. After the thirty seconds pass, remove the power jack but keep pressing the reset button. After another thirty seconds, plug in the router and keep the button pressed for another thirty seconds. If you do this correctly, the router should be reseted and ready to be bricked again. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t have any success with this method so I’m just referencing. It defenitely works the try. Then ...if the FW is openwrt based... You can SSH in and type mtd -r erase rootfs_data
  10. No..no way.... I could locate the 32mb RAM chip...(the big one near the capacitors) Not the flash chip...being the AR7241 rev 1 a SoC, i presume the flash memory is embedded on the processor. Game over! ;)
  11. If it is just the flash size...no problems! Tomorrow i will desolder the chip and use a 8mib pin to pin... will see if it works...
  12. http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-wr841nd I'm not sure,but that hardware should work with mark IV...
  13. My dream? http://www.raspberrypi.org/ as platform,I see in it a lot of goodies...
  14. Analyze the impedance?...Are you not sure is 50 ohms....? Come on....you can save a lot of money leving that stuff in the shelf! ;)
  15. I did. It's pure Debian....100 time faster than BT5 on Virtual Machine. The installer is a pain in the ass...but overall better than bt5...it works! My first choice anyway remain BlackBuntu.
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