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Script to Import Cookies (IE)


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hey, Ive been trying to work this one out all day, the idea is to import a cookie into IE, so that there is no need to log into a few websites that i visit regular on public computers.

So yea, instead of typing in a user and password on a public computer, ive exported a few of my cookies to a txt file and import them into IE (its whats installed on the machines). This works perfect for its intentions, but im trying to Automate it. Not getting far.

Temp Internet files is locked down, cant find away around it, so copy / pasting the cookie wont work. Also ive tried a python script to log into the sites and create the cookies, this worked, but then cant place the cookies into the Temp Internet folder.

Side note: I need the cookies in the Temp Int folder due to the download manager i use, uses the Rapidshare cookie for premium access.

Any suggestions?

(ive been google'in all day still no luck)

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Have you thought about relocating the temporary internet folder? I haven’t though this idea through 100% but I imagine you could create a new folder with your cookies, and then redirect IE to use this folder?

I am assuming you want this done on the fly i.e. you don't want to have to reboot?


The limiting factor with this is Windows only reads the registry at logon I would guess IE would be the same?

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Sadly i need the cookies in Temp Int, for external programs like IDM, and a few of my own applications. Firefox uses its own directory sadly.

As for moving the Temp Int location, i had the same idea though when you select a new directory it then logs you out and creates a new folder inside of the chosen directory, so cant push the files that way :(

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:( as mentioned in the original post, it needs to be in the windows Temp Int Folder, to work with other applications.

Boot a live cd and copy the folder and contents over to where you want.

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i belive the easiest solution would be to program this as a server app & host it outa your house...

login, page reads your cookies (NOM, NOM, NOM), logout.

loging on other computer, click special button, sever requests to write said cookie, brose, button again - cookies are delited, logout

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