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Setcam Air app


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So I got bored tonight and decided to see what Adobe Air was all about, and in doing so made a Hak5 Setcam App.

You'll need Adobe Air installed, just do a search on google for it.

You can download the app at http://addis0n.com/hak5setcam.air

I was thinking if they use the same ustream account for doing live shows as the setcam you could just run this app to watch. Anyways have fun, don't laugh at the code and if you want any features just let me know.

I guess it only works on windows, ill try to figure out why this is so.

*version 1.2.2 - added "On Top"

*version 1.2.1 - had to destroy the oak monster

*version 1.2 - added the ability to write on the wall

*version 1.1.1 - changed some internal stuff, added button to show/hide chat window

*edit* updated it so the stream and the chat are side by side, thought it would make it better for people with smaller monitors

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If only i had access to a mac I could test this out, and on the linux side all I can say is air is still in alpha. I'll do some research but remember this was just a project that came out of boredom with the fact I was always closing the damn browser and closing streams.

Also if you want the source just pm me, all you need is a copy of Adobe Flex 3 and i believe its a 30day (or maybe 60day) trial.

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this is possibly one of the coolest things i've found on the internets

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Anyone using windows have the same problem?

EDIT: I am an idiot. Since I never use IE for anything other than testing stuff out through proxies, I forgot that AIR apps usually use the same settings as IE. IE going through non existent proxy = nothing on screen.


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