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  1. My new Cruzers turned up this morning and they didn't work either... I found an old 512meg key and went through the process of creating the disk and what do you know, Grub boots and runs. So I am little bit pissed that I got 2 new 8gig Keys which I can't get to work on my own kit, although they are still useable just not for what I wanted them for at the moment... I just thought I'd share my experiences in case anyone else if having similar problems. My P4 Box is running an MSI board with AMi bios dated 10.11.04, so now I got to look for a new compatible motherboard than will work with my memory and GFX card... happy days NOT. [EDIT:] I used the HP format tool to create a USB Dos booting key on a Dane Elec 2gig USB Key and that booted on my PC, so why the hell doesn't it boot with the MBR with GRUB installed ? Confused more than ever now...
  2. I'll give it a go with the HP util and see if that works, otherwise I will have to wait till my new cruzers turn up in the morning and try them.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, ok here goes @Relium Yes my computer can boot from USB as can another PC that I tried it on, but not the GRUB created USB. @M0u53 Yup I was logged into my Ubuntu box as root. @Psychosis Could you show me the exact syntax you used to install both grub-install and grub setup, thanks. I am wondering about the USB keys I am using... I have as a pack of 2 gig DANE Elec keys and I've tried each of them one by one and failing. I am waiting for my 2 new Cruzer U3's to turn up, so will see if they work with the 'straight forward install'
  4. Well I've been trying to get GRUB installed on several usb disks and simply can't seem to get it working. I have followed the instructions perfectly but all that happens is a flashing '_' in the top corner... so I am now looking at using GRUB 2 (1.96) So shout out who's got GRUB 2 working on a USB Flash key, if you have could you please explain/show what you did ?? Bumperz ??? I've tried to create a GRUB 2 MBR from Ubuntu 9.10 already running the GRUB2 loader but it won't allow the creation of a MBR other than on a HD like HD0. So any help appreciated. I wonder if it is possible to rip the MBR from my Ubuntu 9.10 box and then write to the USB stick...
  5. I've just ordered 2 new 8Gb U3 Sandisk Cruzer flash disks for only £10 ! If you are in the UK grab a couple while you can here: http://www.7dayshop.com/catalog/product_in...ducts_id=104143 Now I am busy collating a list and obtaining all the stuff I am going to put on there...
  6. Awesome episode! I've been looking at doing this myself recently as I have a multitude of USB disks and wanted some kind of boot loader for USB so you saved me some time, thanks Darren ! Just a quick question do I HAVE to get a U3 disk for this to work or can I use any non U3 disk as It creates a boot loader through that tool.
  7. Yeah I just joined 'GFRoSTY'
  8. Now that's a nice looking pistol... wish we could legally own and or carry firearms in the UK !! What is the kickback like after firing ?
  9. works ok on my mac osx 10.5.4 I like it !!
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