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Frets on Fire


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Hey ya all

Just a week ago I played guitar hero for the first time at a friend's house who has an XboX. I liked it so much that i tried his guitar out on my computer. He had a Guitar Hero 2 guitar with a USB connection, as soon as I plugged it in windows automatically started to download the appropriate driver and I could use it as a controller.

I googled for Guitar Hero and found Frets on Fire, it's an open source guitar hero lookalike for computer. It's meant to be played with your keyboard but you can configure the controls to work with the guitar. The standard package only comes with 3 songs so I started checking out site for the songs of Guitar Hero and rockband. I found Geetar Freaks which has all the package to play all the guitar hero edition for free on your computer! The only thing you have to do is extract the songs to your songs directory in your FoF folder.




Geetar Freaks


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still frets is uber awesome w/ some mods...

Mods are essential, FoF has some serious bugs (for instance, when you start a song, the numbers take years to actually count down). With the appropriate mods though it's great.

Also check out StepMania - the same deal, but a clone of Dance Dance Revolution rather than Guitar Hero. Very close clone in fact, sometimes you wouldn't know the difference between it and a real DDR game/machine.

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I'm using the GHIII mod with the RF, it will require a lot less of hardware.

Is there any good program for playing the drums???? I'm thinkin' about buying the drum set from RockBand or from the Guitar Hero world tour

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Haha. I was living with a buddy of mine for awhile and our power got shut off because we had some shitty room mates. We had really screwed up sleeping schedules, and were crazy addicted to Rock Band before we lost power. So we would go down to the laundry room at night to charge our laptops and DSs (we bought DS's with rent money after we got screwed over) and during the day we would go to Starbucks for internet and charging. We ended up getting FretsOnFire and hooking up the USB Rock Band controller to my laptop and were playing in the laundry room at 3 AM. Oh, what fun.

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