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This posses a question of much interest. Blizzard only has the PC game market exclusively by making brilliant innovative games. It's probably time to start a new franchise tbh.

Dare they have the audacity to put every other game company to shame and release there games with no copy protection what so ever? Such an audacious action would prove without question that piracy is not why the PC game market is 'dying'*, bad games and incompetent management decisions is why the PC game market is 'dying'*.

There first Diablo had the facility to install the first dungeon on to as many computers as you wanted so you can play that dungeon over a LAN (admittedly that was a IPX based network and has no support for IP/TCP). Even now, there latest patch for Diablo 2 disables the games checking for a CD.

* Not that it is dying any way.

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I'm pretty sure it'll be subscription based anyway.

Battle.net has always been free, I doubt there will be a subscription for it, or Star Craft 2.

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Sounds like Blizzard is going to be very busy in the next few years, especially with the RELEASE! of Starcraft 2, the development of Diablo 3, a new 'Secret' MMO, and even more WoW additions.

This is of course why Blizzard is my favorite PC game company!

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i am SO excited!

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