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Opera 9.5


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I'm still running 9.27. How did they jumped to 9.5 so fast? I'll have to chekc it out. Any different than 9.27 and earlier...downloading now.

edit: Hmm..Not quite what I was expecting. I like the older skin, but this does seem a tad bit snappier, but only a tad. Not enough that I really see a difference in overall browsing so far. If they have an old skin for the new version, I would like it more, but it takes some getting used to.

They moved a few of the files around, so I had to search for them and go back in and edit my plugin-ignore.ini file and re-add all the files I had blocked, like Quicktime, etc. One thing I think they should have fixed since it seems all the older versions never keep this settings from upgrade to upgrade, it make it difficult to secure a pc if you forget to go and block certain files that may pose a security risk. Quicktime and Flash being my biggest fears, since active-x files don't run by default, I still block Windows MEdia Player in Opera just to be safe.

edit: Ok, added the "classic" skin, so I know what the hell I'm looking at now. Original icons and color scheme and fixed my hotkey buttons. The new version saves the 9.2 keyboard layouts to a sperate file and you have to manually select it to get the old key combos to work. Hopefully next upgrade its smart enough to keep these settings. The installer should give you the option to keep the old layout, kayboard mapping, skin, etc...

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wow, nice... I am liking the style, I will be checking the performance. The only thing is that, with me, I have used Firefox for a long, long time and recently I haved switched to 3.0 Beta, and I am really comfortable with their new features so I don't quite know how I will cope, oh well.

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For Opera lovers, there is the site http://operawatch.com/ which always has usefull tips, like how to open FF or IE directly from Opera for pages that won't load properly in Opera(Although, since 9.5, that shouldn't be much of an issue any more, if at all)

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