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Retrogaming PC, C64, etc.


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Hey everyone. Just wanted to share a web site I came across a couple of days ago called Abandonia @ http://abandonia.com/. It specializes in no longer licensed games for PC, C-64, and some other systems. The site apparently has been around for a long time…I had never heard of it. They have a huge collection of games; I was looking for the super hyper realistic graphics of WASTELAND in anticipation for the new slightly upgraded graphics of Fallout 3. After that I found and downloaded other games like Tyrian, Bloodnet, Blackthorne, Alone in the dark, Ultimas (most of them), I mean they have a lot of the oldie goldies. They also have a collection of retro emulators that will let you use the games with out a hitch (sound and all) on new systems; for example DOSBOX. If you can’t tell, I am super excited about the site. Enjoy!

By the way you may want to get a camera before playing these games with your friends and family who are say 25 years old or younger. My daughter has played Fallout 1 and 2, as well as Brotherhood of Steel with me…Her face was something to see when I excitedly shared all the greatness of Wasteland with her. Oddly, this may be the only Falloutish game I will complete by myself :rolleyes: .


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nice finds :D I'll definetly be using some of these sites

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