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duel monitor help again :P


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i just traded myself a game for a DVI cable to hook my dell Dell 1703FP to my 8500gt. So i install my VGA Phillips to my 8500gt and my lg L17182 to my built in VGA. Then i got to my nvidia control and set my Phillips and the dell in horizontal connection but my dell doesn't display anything. I know it works cause i can move my mouse across the blank dell screen and it will appear on the LG screen but it doesn't display anything. Now i did research before hand and my dell has a analog DVI port and my 8500gt has a digital port. so would this be the problem? is there an adapter to convert DVI analog to DVI digital?

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yes i have 3 monitors

if you read it it'll make sense i think now all i want to know is if number 4 on this list is compatible with number 7 ?




Analog - Analog

Analog - Analog + Digital

Digital - Digital

Digital - Digital + Analog

Doesn't Work:

Analog - Digital

Digital - Analog

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Get yourself a PCI-E x1 graphics card and replace the integrated graphics with that. Until AMD get there new integrated graphics chip out (the one that can do crossfire with a dedicated card), running a dedicated card with integrated graphics is never going to be a smooth ride.

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well i tried to just run the monitor as a single monitor via dvi and it doesnt display anything. so i put the vga monitors back in and try to make it as a duel monitor but it doesnt appear to be reading the monitor anymore i think im better off just going and getting one of those 2 vga ports on 1 vga port cords and running the 3 monitors on vga

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A VGA splitter will result in a clone image on 2 monitors. Honestly, go get a cheap 2nd graphics card, PCI or PCIe x1, and use that for your 3rd (and maybe 4th) screen. Yes, 3D gaming won't be fast but for 2D stuff its the best solution. Ebay says it will cost you about £15/$35. Shame your not in the UK, i have a ton of DVI cables doing nothing in a box atm.

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