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Wind and lightning damage 2008


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As the users of the social W-Ecc WiFi iternet (free)acces network already knew, very resent the antenna pole got a considerable lighting and wind damage.

The damage to the roof and the WiFi antenna's is where very small to nothing

Almost all in and electronica present to the antenna pole has survives (AP's still in working order only the PMR Internet gateway radio is dead).

So the lighting protection grounding of the antenna pole turnt out to be not voor nothing.

width=686 height=485http://www.wireless-emmercompascuum.nl/picture_library/mast-inslag.jpg[/img]

The lighting took a away a 3 cm piece of metal ad one side of the antenna pole.

What resulted in bending the antenna pole.

My neighbours told me that it went boem, fire work and next the antenna pole slowly but steadily went down untill it reached the roof.

Fortunately for the users of the social W-ECC network we possessed the backup Wifi network hardware at the support points, with the result a lot of users of social network still achieved a Internet connection.

One of the users (and sponsor) of the social W-Ecc network offered a replacing antenna pole and provided it directly to my doorstep.

width=554 height=447http://www.wireless-emmercompascuum.nl/picture_library/mast.png[/img]

In the comming period a number of W-ECC social network members will be very active with rebuilding/replaceing the antenna pole.

Will keep you all informed of this progress


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width=529 height=399http://www.w-p-k.org/picture_library/bijna_recht.png[/img]

width=430 height=635http://www.w-p-k.org/picture_library/recht_op.png[/img]

Tomorrow still the rotor controls need to be connected to the rotors and the next step is getting all the uplinks back on/inline (replacemend of the PMR-radio has still to be ordered for the PMR gateway).


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The next rebuilding step is reinforcing the antenna pole foot setting for exsta strengthening of the antenna pole. (this will take the better have off to day)

width=558 height=629http://www.wireless-emmercompascuum.nl/picture_library/mastvoet.png[/img]

But the Fon-router (at the top of the antenna pole connected to a 2x16 sloted waveguide omni)  and  all the uplinks and downlinks are back online and in working order

width=463 height=566http://www.w-p-k.org/picture_library/hij_staat-2.png[/img]


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Do you run this or who? I haven't googled btw.

Iam the founder of this Wireless (WiFi) community,

And i share all my 8  (20mbit) internet connection (1 cable and 7 ADSL) lines with anyone that can acces this WiFi network.

Add this moment all the 53 membrs/users of the Wireless (WiFi) community got a free internet acces.

And we/i make use of all the WiFi hardware AP's and Routers that we/i can lay our hands on so we /i can ceep this wireless community up and running.


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Did you make that mast your self?

Iam the one that designed this antenne mast/tower setup, but it is the Wireless-(WiFi) -Community members that made it a (still on going) community project.


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Are you in a remote area?

Yes and nope we are in a small (Dutch)village (in the north of the Netherlands ) very close to the German border.

What do you use to trunk (or load balance) the adsl connections, openBSD?

For load balance we make use of a Coyote Point Equalizer E550si Load Balancer

By the Way finest all the welding of the neck to day

width=207 height=338http://www.w-p-k.org/picture_library/kraag-klaar.jpg[/img]

Next op is the building and mounting of the hand (non electrical) stealcable winch (pulling power of 2000 kilograms)


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cool whats the average range on that?

With just only laptops and PDAs connections from just over 1,5 KM has bin made with (out any extra antenna connection to the laptop or pda) on the Fon router (thats connected to the 2x16 sloted waveguide omni) add the top of the mast/tower.

The small prime focus dish connects to a downlink point just over 8KM away (non L.O.S)

With de big prime focus (homemade)dish connections from more than 15 KM has bin made but is now connecting to a realy hard to connect to (non L.O.S) downlink point just over 8KM away.

who's your upstream?

+/- 1/3 of the downstream (and thats 20mbit per (7)ADSL and (1)Cable line(s))

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Finally got the  electric part done.

And all so got my hands on a brand new PMR (basestation) radio so maybe if all is going along to day with out any problems, i can work to get the PMR internet Gateway (FRN) back online. :roll:


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