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USB keylogger


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If you want what you're asking for bad enough then I can guarentee that you could find out how to do it within minutes by asking Google. We don't assist people when they ask us questions like this because we're cynical (realistic?) and realise that a large portion of the users on this forum would happily take the advice we give then run around "pwning" innocent bystanders.

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Hardware keylogger have been around for years, there nothing new. They make some that look like ps2 connectors, that can sit between keyboards and the pc, completely evading any antivirus. Again, google is your friend as mentioned above, but when new people start asking questiuons like yours we tend to be a little on the defensive as we are not trying to aid people in the committing of a crime, while at the same time, we really dont care one way or the other the ethical or criminal implications, as its your ass, not ours that will ultimately pay the price. Generally people here are not just helpfull, but sometimes they go out of there way to help people. Just dont catch an attitude from day one. Work your way through the forums and interact a bit with people and you will find that you will be better received and helped when asking questions. Just dont expect it all on a silver platter.

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