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Desktop cube, Windows style


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I wasn't rubbishing your post.

The cube does look nice of course, just not my thing. Eye candy only goes so far for me.

no i know, and youre right the cube thing is cool at first and its fun to show friends like "hey look what my shit can do" but its really not practical to use regularly. dual monitors if you can afford it or even virtual desktops are a much better an usable alternative.

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hmm.. have to say I tried deskspace and even though it was WAY better looking than yod'm, it couldnt make up for speed *but thats me though*

Personally I think there should have already been something made that performs as well as compiz, but at the same time keeps the visual appeal up as much as compiz.

(being free so there's no need to snatch would be good too...)

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YODM is alright, but Shock4Way3D is even better. Check it out and i am sure you will use it a lot more than yodm.

The guy that wrote Shock4Way3D, built a program to have windows aero in xp, so check it out too.


Wow, I can't believe I never heard of this. It's interactive, you can see in real time whats going on in each desktop, just like compiz. Not as good as compiz, but better than yodm imo.

It has four options of displaying your desktops too.


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I have been trying Shock4Way3D under Vista and I _cannot_ understand how such an awesome application is so stupid to mess up applications from one desktop to another:

- open 4 windows on the host, on desktop 1

- open 1 VM on each of the remaining desktops (VM 1 on desktop 2, VM 2 on desktop 3 and VM 3 on desktop 4)

- then start switching from one desktop to another via the ctrl+alt+1 .... 4

The problem:

Eventually, some windows from desktop 1 move to the other desktops. wtf?

(no they are not global applications or anything)

how can such a glaring stupid bug slip through?

am I missing something?

This is very annoying and I am seriously considering to go back to yodm, which despite being simple and limited at least it does not mess applications from one desktop to another, which is the whole point, I don't care about the animations, it's all about moving quickly from one desktop to another with a quick keyboard combination.

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