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Capturing wifi packets, and re-broadcasting them?


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Hey, just wondering if any one knows a simple way to capture some packets sent from a device, store to a file, or just memory, and re-broadcasting them a short time later?

I'm sure there must be a simple way in a packet sniffing software, but i do not know :P

oh and by the way, it is all wireless, i am grateful for any suggestions

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hmm, well, im having issues very noob here.

basically i am curious about the nintendo ds wifi, so unfortunatly i cant associate with it from my pc, although i am able to get the macaddress of the DSes so i should be able to sniff the packets from the devices. just i cant :(

does anybody have any ideas as to wheter it would be possible to capture the communication from a ds, send it through the internet and have another computer resend this daa to a second ds?

im pretty sure this has been looked at before, but i cant really find anything on the net about it

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no, i dont want to connect to an AP, i want the DS to think it is connected to another ds (which it will be only it will be through a tunnel).

so basically capture packets from ds, send from pc to pc via internet, then send to ds, and vice versa, to enable internet play on games that only have local multiplayer (like Call of duty4)

I dont see why a similar setup to xlink Kai wouldnt work with the ds

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ohhh cool idea...

um, you might be able to do this but I'm not how the DS would react to the lag, it should be simple enough to just forward the traffic and replay it.

And when I say simple enough I mean hard and complicated, the way I see it working the best 2 cards on each side (one listening one replaying) + VPN

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yeah, well i cant really go anywhere with this (like i said, i'm noob) since i cant seem to get my wifi card to work in promiscuous mode, even in linux...

its a ralink chip rt61 i think. however in linux once i set it to monitor mode, wireshark cant see/use the card... any help would be appreciated

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