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Computer Messed Up Bad!


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My sister started yelling for me, when I get to the computer it had shut off and the small speaker inside was sounding like an alarm.

My guess is it overheated. Amazingly a unplugged it and restarted it and am post from that computer.

Its an Emachine about 3 years old. Am I correct about the problem?

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Just checked my computer......


So much dust I am amazed it ran as long as it did. It is now much faster without the dust :)

It may as well not have had a heatsink or any fans it was so bad. Same with my server.

The computers are in the laundry room atm. (moms idea) so the drying is obviously the cause of so much dust.

I'm installing software to monitor the fans and heat on the cpu now.

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Doh! Heat alone from the dryers is not going to help, let alone the dust blanket from the lint. That's just "universally stupid" to quote a certain someone...

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