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Talk to spammers. They have a need for such lists (as their own ISPs keep booting them off the network for abusing their mailserver, forcing them to see if they can use someone else's first).

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You have to wonder what legitimate uses an open relay SMTP server has? I suppose theres the anonymity issue, but thats nothing that using a proxy and a webmail service can't fix, or even just go down to your local Internet Cafe and send your emails there.

It's a simple matter to find an open relay server, theres huge lists of them if you google, you'll likely have to try about 100 or so before you get one that works though.

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i made a program in vb6 that send me an email every 2h with an attachement of 15MB and gmail is the only account that i have that can handle the attachements...and i'm using a osssmtp.dll but the dll does not support ssl so can't send an e-mail to gmail with that unless i use a smtp server with relay or change the dll...at this point i think that would be better search for other dll!

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