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DVD Ripper?


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I agree with digip the best free ones on the net are DvD Shrink / DvD Decryptor though DvD Decryptor is no longer in development  :(

Some other good ones (but you may have to pay for) are:

[*] Any DvD / Clone DvD / Clone DvD Mobile (all work together)

[*] DvD Fab Plat.

Check out Doom9.net for all the rest DvD ripping needs!

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In Linux, and probably other unixes, a good ripper is dvd::rip (http://exit1.org/dvdrip).  It's written in Perl of all languages and it works really well.  The only thing I didn't like is how it ripped subtitles.  They had to be compressed with rar2 for some reason.  I imagine that subtitles are screwy any way you look at them, though.  I think that's because they're actually images that need to be interpreted by some text recognition code.

Other features are that it can give you pure open source files.  You can have XviD video, multiple Vorbis audio tracks, and an OGM container.  Who doesn't like that?  This is by option, of course.  You can still do x264/MP3/AVI if you like.

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Some of the newer encryption schemes DVD decryptor can't handle since it's out of development, but try "ripit4me" which actually uses DVD decryptor and DVD shrink, but it specially configures DVD decryptor so it can decrypt the latest encryption schemes. Has worked great for me so far.

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