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  1. My Favorite apps happen to be: 1. VLC 2. Firefox 3. Iz-arc (for my zip file needs) 4. Speed Fan (I've never gotten the fan control to work, but it's great for the temps) 5. CCleaner 6. Active@Iso burner
  2. Well sorry for the triple post but if you want to play with my lighting I finally have it set up at http://trc202.dyndns.org/x10/homeauto.php have fun while it lasts because im not going to keep it up for long.
  3. Ok part one of problem finished... I have successfully resolved the dll error. However I now have a problem with the location of light.exe, I am completely baffled as to where to put it. I am currently running foxserv for an easy setup of apache php and my sql.
  4. Edit: never mind realized that its Linux and not windows. Sorry
  5. Well I worked on it a little bit and found out its a net framework problem. Any advice as to how to install it? I've tried using windows update and installing it manually but it always skips the dll file i need. Also it seems that it only malfunctions on the only computer I have with a com port (just my luck).
  6. Thanks, haven't tried it yet but if it works it'll be great for my gaming sessions.
  7. Then would anyone else know what requirement is missing, or another way to broadcast it over the home network?
  8. I am currently working on setting up a server for the x10 light control shown on ep 1, however just trying to run light.exe causes an unable to locate component error. It is missing the MSVCR70.dll I have downloaded it and put it in C:\windows\system32 and tried to register it however the second error I receive is LoadLibary("msvcp70.dll")failed - The specified module could not be found. any suggestions as to how I might fix this would be greatly appreciated thanks Trc
  9. here some interesting links for power supply usage http://www.hardcoreware.net/xbox-360-ps3-w...-consumption/2/ hope that helps
  10. Oh the computers they purchased were Thinkpad x60's the teachers laptops have fingerprint readers while the students do not.
  11. As for why the 7th grade class got them I do not know. But for math they have tablet pc's so they can write directly on the screen. I believe that the reason they could not have a computer lab is because the teachers would not be able to assign homework. It will result in a loss of money and if they decide to cancel the pilot for next year i will be visiting the county auction to add some computers to my collection.
  12. Seeing as how things are going this year they might not have them next year... so far they have been nothing but headaches I think I have been pulled out of every class to fix them during the day. I have encountered everything from busted batteries, to pens jammed in to the computer (that actually happens a lot), we have also had keys broken off, people chewing on their pens, another common problem is the computers loose connection with the wifi at random times causing the teachers to send the kids out of class to have me or the librarian fix it because the kids can no longer do the work they were assigned.Edited 8:11 Bad Grammer
  13. My school has recently started a pilot program where the 7th graders books have been replaced with laptops they are allowed to take them home and use them as their personal computer, however at school the internet filter is still in place. My question is do you believe they should have laptops?
  14. Actually you can install vista first though it is harder with vista installed first or with xp installed first
  15. Trc202

    RFID Door

    The problem with linux for me is that i am not very familiar with it and it's commands (edit) Ok I have finally figured out how to control a servo with my computer Parallax Servo Controller if I ever get it set up i'll make a video and post it on this fourm Thanks, Trc202
  16. For most external drives (useing IDE) you can just take out the HDD and replace it with a CD drive (but be warned moveing it constantly from place to place with out a case will cause the external case to malfunction) however if you just leave the CD drive in then it should last longer than mine.
  17. Trc202

    RFID Door

    I already have the power supply problem fixed, I have a ups for backup and as for computer failure I can always have a key in my car.
  18. Trc202

    RFID Door

    I know it's not secure but the area in which I live is not all that technology advanced and most pepole will think "I wonder what that is" and walk away. and in the future I plan to add other ways in i.e. psp connecting to standalone wifi "encripted" and opening a webpage to open a door
  19. Trc202

    RFID Door

    I have recently purchased a parallax short range RFID transmitter and hooked it up through the serial port on the computer i have been looking for a servo i can control with my computer as well if any one knows of one or how to build one for $75.00 or less I would be very indebted to them Thanks, Trc202
  20. I would suggest a stripped down version of win xp w/sp3 that is what i currently use for streaming music, serving files and if you need the names of free programs to do everything you asked just tell me
  21. They're always like that on the first post... and now i notice that it is his first post
  22. 1. Planning on doing this with mine 2.your links are some what messed up here are the correct url's www.laptoplogic.com/resources/detail.php?id=15&page=1 www.laptoplogic.com/resources/detail.php?id=35&PHPSESSID=04a310f0bb20ff9a0645c6f13243b2b0 www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=434
  23. life hacker made a one click ripping system with DVD Shrink and their own program http://lifehacker.com/355281/dvd-rip-autom...ick-dvd-ripping
  24. whatever you do just make sure you buy one with a rectractable flash drive i have broken 3 or 4 of mine the only two have survived and those were the u3 micro 512 and 4 gig
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