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Too Many Proccesses In Windows!


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Looks like a lot of them are services that can be disabled. bring up services.msc and stop the service and then disable it as well. Things like Prism.sys arent needed and are usually elf tover from things like a Gateway OEM install. Like Moonlit said, google the one syou don;t know and then see how to remove them. Here are the ones I leave running on my PC at the moment. They will vary based on your needs, but these are just the basics I keep running at all times. Most of the default things started from install aren't needed for every day use.


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How do you know they are 'unnecessary' you don't know what they do? I susspect your a double click happy install junkie.

Format, get a clean stable build, ghost it off, keep it clean.

Except half of the unnecessaryness will return with that. Allot of services are enabled by default so MVPS don't have to be taught how to turn them on (they are generally not that clever ;))

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you can disable http ssl digip ;)

Only IE uses it and only uses it for SSL connections. I know you are the Opera guy :D

I need it for IE when I have to login to Work because they require IE6 or later for certain functions that Opera will not do because of the way they wrote the sites pages (Even though I only need IE rarely, your right, I could still turn it off until needed).

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you do know that 'Owner' is one of the usernames that's in dictionaries right?

I thought it was 'Pwnerer'

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