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has any one heard anything either positive or negitive about computertraining.com? im thinking about taking the classes there but i want to make sure there legit. so if any one has any info plez let me know.


I hear ads on the radio for them all the time. Check their campus selections for schools you might live near: http://www.computertraining.com/locations.shtml

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no its not a typo theres whats all included, a new PC, books, lab manuals, tuition, programs, hardware training, and because they say that there MS certifyed they need to send the students to a testing center and they say normaly that it cousts $150 each time you test so thats included in the 28k. and its a complete MS cert. (vista, server 2k3, and systems management)

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Some guys at work and I are doing this: http://www.testout.com/

Our work was sold, so I will be out of a job next year, and evne though I have been there 10years, I have no formal training or certifications. I am self taught and trained on the job, so what I know is only from experience, but I have nothing I can solidly back it up with on a resume, because I have no degree. These discs are no replacement for being able to ask questions in a classroom, but it's all I can afford at the moment(or someone else can afford. I am copying the disks from a co-worker. 42 cd's in all!)

It covers: A+, Network+, Linux+, Server+, MCSA/MCSE, MCTS, Security, CCNA, CISSP and SSCP.

I am hoping to at least learn enough to pass the tests for a few of these so I will at least have somehting to show after they close the doors at work. If money is a problem, try these and see what you come up with. If anything, they make good meterial to go along side any classes you take and you will have it to study over at your own pace. Even if it takes you longer than expected, your have them as permanent reference material that can be searched through for keywords and such.

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I'd rather spend $28k on a degree.


And to testout, it works!!!  I have used it before, the questions are harder than the real thing, but it better prepares you for the test than most other programs I know, also may I suggest books by Todd lammle, they are quick easy ways to prepare you for the tests. 

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