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Accessing websites behind the corporate firewall


How to access blocked websites which are blocked by corporate fiewall...?  

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This is Anton, got your message on the Hackers Forumz. . . . . . . . . . .

I work in an organisation where they have a firewall. . . . . . .

I can access the regular sites just fine . . . . . . but they've recently put on some restrictions due to which I am not able to access certain websites ( i. e multiply. com and myspace. . . . )

Tell me a way to browse these sites behind the firewall. . .

I do that I have a private IP starting with 10. 208 something

Note : I am not that techyyy

Please Assist


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call up the help desk and ask them what the current work around is.


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I am not able to access [...] multiply. com and myspace. . .

Ye gods! They're doing you a FAVOR!

Ask yourself this: "What am I supposed to do at work?" and, pray tell, where exactly do multiply and myspace come in with this answer?

Are people really so horny they're willing to risk their job? Imagine for a moment what would happen to you if you were caught? (and since you appear to be a fucktard, you WILL get caught, probably by telling co-workers how you managed to get around the firewall so they can slack off aswell)

Tell me a way to browse these sites behind the firewall. . .

Like Sparda said: NO

You either convince your admin that the secretary isn't hot enough for you and your sexual wellbeing is more important than your productivity or you get technical, read up on proxy evasion, and set it up.

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*sigh* See one of the other half a million threads about the same thing, then go get yourself caught. I'd usually be a little more forgiving, but we're seeing these "access blocked sites" threads a little too much lately. If you can't get to the site, ask the IT dept. to unblock it... if it's not related to work and you wish to keep your job, don't. Simple as.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.

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