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Yesterday I went to the mall and noticed that my Office Max was having a store closing sale. The store was pretty empty but I figured I could get some cheap printer ink or paper. Well there wasn't anything worth getting until I dug through a box of crazy glue and found a Linksys Network Storage Link (NSLU2). I guess someone hid it there and was going to come back and get it. It was marked as $99 but was 70% off. I figured I'd get it and put it on Ebay and get my money back plus more.

I looked online to see what the cheapest price I could find was and on froogle it was about $78. Did some more checking and this like most Linksys products is running Linux and has hacked firmware available for it, one being Unslug.


This webpage lists what some people are doing with their NSLU2s.

I think this would be a great cheap hack to have on Hak.5, plus I want to hack my NSLU2 but would need a little help from you guys since i'm new to this.

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i dont see why you cant do this yourself, have google handy, use define:X

and pay a visit to www.justlinux.com and head to the library for the basic command reference

thats if you are unexperienced in *nix as it would appear so, if so, it isnt very hard.


grab some sort of linux live disc, if youre ready to take the plunge: www.ubuntu.com

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I am running ubuntu on a old pc. It's not that I don't know linux because i'm learning, it's the fact that their is so many different things I could do with the NSLU2 that I don't know where to start. I know I still want the backup functionality but the other stuff I was going to leave to Hak5.

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I went out and bought this external HDD and got my NSLU2 setup without any hacked firmware yet. Just wanted to see what it was capable of doing.

It's pretty nice I have it set to do incremental backups of 3 folders on my computer and 1 folder on my dads computer every night. Plus I can access the files it stores over the internet.

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Just an update on my NSLU2 Network Storage Link.

It has been on for 8 days and I haven't had a problem with it yet. It backs up all my files at 2am every night (or morning however you think of that). I have accessed my files over the network and stream videos and mp3s with no problem. Also accessed them over the net with no problems so far. Basicly I love my NSLU2 and I hope you go grab yourself one too.

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