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Ethan Hunt

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First, let me explain my problem. I installed 3 different linux distros on my pc and boot them together with windows using grub. However, spring cleaning is here and I want to remove all of them. The major problem is that this computer doesn't have a cd-rom, nor a floppy drive, and cannot boot from a usb either. I understand that the only way to make my windows load after I delete the 3 partitions that have the linux distros is to run the fixmbr (or fixboot) command from the recovery console. However I really can't get to that recovery console on this machine. So I'm searching for an alternative to fixmbr that can run from windows itself... I found several sources that said that such a thing is possible and I also found a tool called MbrFix <-- lol, that supposebly does the thing I need it to do, but I'm scared as hell to run it cuz it doesn't have any info related to the author, nor does it have an instruction manual (readme).. The damn thing doesn't have an icon ffs :D

I'm asking you good people of Hak5town to help me out and point me to a tool that you have used and works!

Thanks a lot!


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Upon some more research I found out the company's web site and decided to give them a try. I downloaded the program and tried it. This time with a readme file :D It is a command prompt based program, very easy to use and it works! GRUB is gone, MBR is fixed (or so they say) and my win-xp booted up :D If any1 has any similar problems the program can be found at: http://www.sysint.no . They have some other programs there too but I don't have the time now... V

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I thought the best fix was to simply run 'fdisk /MBR' from a command prompt. No messing around with external programs or anything.

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fdisk doesn't exist in win-xp command prompt as a command.

It doesn't? Wow. And there's also no option that has a similar effect in the Drive Manager (as I believe it's called).

Forgive me, Bill Gates, for I have sinned. It's been YEARS since I last used Windows.

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