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Setup Personal Media Stream


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I was going to send this question to info@hak5.org but I figured I would just post it up here and let the makers determine if they want to use this for their show.

How can I set up video stream that will randomly pick files from my hard drives to play? Like set up my own channel to play shows like Hak5, CommandN, and OpenAlpha? I have a D-Link DSM-520 that I use to stream video from my computer to my TV? Would it be easy to publish that stream into some type of IPTV?

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Set VLC to pump out a stream, then add all your IPTV shows to a playlist, select shuffle mode (mybe throw in a couple of logo'd clips/idents if you want a 'tv channel' feel, then press play.

This should work anyways, I've never tried it though. I have streamed with VLC before, it usually works well, but I've never tried it with random files...

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um hi guys. can some one post s tourtorial on how to launch a stream on a network??? heres the detailes. my cousin and i are now roomates. were using the clasic router( aka WRT54G) for our laptops. and we bouth ahve diffrent iptv shows and movies (legialy downloaded) and insted of takeing the time to transfer them and all we were wondering how to set up a stream so that we can bouth watch the movies in diffrent rooms. any help would be grate

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I don't understand what you're trying to do. Do you want to stream a movie into your player as you're downloading it, did you download it and does he want to see it next over the network, or is the idea completely different?


Take a look at icecast. It can stream video just as easily as audio.

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