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Looking for Instructions for setting up C2 on Synology NAS


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Novice Nano User.  Pineapple Mark VII (on order but not yet arrived), Synology DS-218 NAS.  If Ubuntu is a requirement, the Synology Package Center  does not list Ubuntu as available for download.

Where can I find a tutorial, video, or step by step instructions  explaining  how to establish C2 on a Synology?

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I have absolutely no experience when it comes to Synology NAS devices, so I haven't seen one "irl" at all. However, the DS218 seems to be equipped with a Realtek RTD1296 SoC which in some aspects is similar to the Realtek RTD1295 that is used in the Hak5 Screen Crab. The most important thing in this particular case is that when it comes to CPU and GPU they both share the exact same components, the ARM Cortex-A53 quad-core CPU and the ARM Mali-T820 MP3 GPU. I made a "PoC" some months ago running a Cloud C2 instance on the Screen Crab, so with all that said as background, it should be possible to get C2 up and running on the Synology NAS. This all depends on what access that is available on the NAS (the local system, terminal and so on), but for a Synology owner that should be an easy task to get insight into.

The A53 is ARMv8 architecture (can be checked if it's possible to run: cat /proc/cpuinfo on the NAS) and there is a binary for that architecture in the Cloud C2 "package".

Find the local IP address of the NAS.

Download, or transfer, the C2 ARMv8 binary to the NAS.

Execute the following from the directory where the C2 binary is located in the filesystem. <ip address> is the address of the NAS on the LAN
./c2-3.1.2_armv8_linux -hostname <ip address>

The first start will take a bit longer since things needs to be prepared. The C2 process will then tell you that it is ready to be set up. This is the time to visit the IP address of the NAS on port 8080 in a web browser to continue the setup of C2 using the web interface. I don't know if port 8080 is already in use by the NAS. Should be possible to change using the -listenport parameter in that case. Also note that the NAS needs to have internet access and that you need a license key for Cloud C2 (the community edition is free but still needs a valid license key).

Exit C2 with Ctrl + C in the terminal where it was first started. Note that C2 terminates when an SSH session (or such) ends. That's why it's an advantage to run C2 as a service if it's going to be used for some other scenario than just doing occasional tests. That, however, is something I haven't been diving deeper into for any ARMv8 setup.

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