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  1. I've made too many replies and at this point I should probably just address everyone... but thank you anyway for your suggestions. I think I am going to go with the Yagi. Decent price too and it will work with both the tetra and the Nano with or without adapters if I am correct. Once again, Thanks.
  2. I certainly am looking to get the Yagi antenna at this point. 30ยบ beam width is fairly narrow and I like that.
  3. The size is a bit of a factor. I don't mind the Yagi antennas but prefer either that size or smaller. The narrower the beam-width the better. I don't need it to have a crazy gain either. Thanks for your help. All of theses suggestions are great. I just need to narrow it down. No pun intended.
  4. I will likely use it with the nano if I do get it. Thank you for your help.
  5. Thanks, I will go back and give it another try. Keep up the good work!
  6. Thanks. I don't care so much about distance but rather direction. Trying to pinpoint the locations of rogue APs across a large business campus. so the more directional the better.
  7. Not sure if this belongs here but I'll ask anyway since it's firmware related. How difficult would it be to incorporate a sorting for the table headers in recon? For example lets say I wanted to sort highest to lowest in signal strength. RSSI or I wanted to sort it by mac address AA before BB. Is this something I can do myself within the system's files without violating any of Hak5's terms of use? Thanks for all the hard work. Great release BTW.
  8. I'm not looking for long rage per se, but are there any Highly directional antennas to pinpoint APs? Like rouge detecting by pointing at a building or cubicles. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  9. I did this using VIM and unfortunately the module does not load at all anymore. After the changes to module.js, I saved using `:wq` so maybe I needed to do something different. thanks for your help anyway.
  10. Hi Seb, thanks for the input. but just to verify... you physically have to push the reset button? Also, any plans to add python support for modules?
  11. I left my WPT powered and connected via ethernet in my home network and I am now traveling for work. I noticed I haven't updated the firmware in a while and is pending. without having physical access at the moment, can I remotely update the firmware without having to push the button reset button?
  12. I know a few years ago there was a question regarding hacking ISO-7816 contact cards. Well I'm here to ask a few questions. I would like to know if anyone here has any experience with Smart Cards and providing some guidance to learn to read the card. So far I have search the internet and found plenty of information about the smart card. however, I cannot seem to find anything that would either show me how to access the card with a card reader ( without making your own software) or what I need to do to make the software. Most of the software programs are pre 2010 and have no support or are extremely outdated. I have tried smart card toolset pro, exeba comm, atmel crypto, skycard, and a whole bunch of other software that usually come up with similar errors like unable to access card due to sharing violation... other connections outstanding... If anyone has any advice feel free to comment. Also, I have gone through a bunch of Hackaday and other hack forums that also predate quite a bit. Some were very informative but not enough to accomplish my goal.
  13. I'm getting more and more familiar with airodump-ng but noticed there is also TCPDump. I have a few questions. Am I correct to assume that airodump-ng is solely for wireless sniffing while tcpdump is any interface including wired connections? if that is so... will running tcpdump on my wireless interface card while it's in monitor mode, shouldn't it pick up 4 way handshakes (WPA2)? Thanks.
  14. Nope it did not work. Only the blue light on my tetra shows up under the module.
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