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  1. Thanks, I will go back and give it another try. Keep up the good work!
  2. I did this using VIM and unfortunately the module does not load at all anymore. After the changes to module.js, I saved using `:wq` so maybe I needed to do something different. thanks for your help anyway.
  3. Nope it did not work. Only the blue light on my tetra shows up under the module.
  4. Hi Fox, for some reason I only get the blue light settings on my tetra for your module. I will uninstall it and reinstall see if that works.
  5. I would imagine that placing the LED back to the startup config would do it once you save for boot and uninstall. But I'm not certain. Alternatively, you could SSH into it and change the LED config file.
  6. Nice! Any chance you'll add control for the red LED?
  7. Thanks Seb. That's exactly the answer I was looking for. Cheers!
  8. Are there any plans to port the module over for the Tetra/Nano? I'm asking for a friend.
  9. I checked the settings and PineAP daemon is enabled. I have many SSIDs in the list and it is set to broadcast. However, aside from the management SSID, the pineapple is not broadcasting. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  10. Perhaps I'm an idiot... Perhaps I'm not. I'm not trying to have 2 interfaces provide internet access. For example, I'm not trying to have wifi and ethernet both provide Internet connectivity. Quite simply put, I am trying have eth0 (Physical cat5e with internet connectivity) and eth1 (USB ethernet connection to pineapple access) both come up. Scenario, I have both of them plugged in, I open my browser and type "google.com" into the address bar. <--- it actually goes to google and works. Then I open terminal and type "ssh root@" to connect to the Nano. However, it hangs and t
  11. I am running the latest Kali linux for AMD 64bit " Kali Linux 64 bit ISO Torrent 2.6G 2016.1 deaa41c5c8f26b7854cafb34b6f1b567871c4875 Unfortunately I'm on the road right now and don't have access to my Kali machine. Yes, I have a physical ethernet connection to my kali manchine. It give me access to the internet through my default gateway When I plug in my pineapple and let it run, it shows me through the network management settings that it is connected to my computer but it is not enabled/active. If I click to
  12. Well done Darren! The Script now works without issues. However, I still cannot have more than one wired connection. I'm either connected to my internal Ethernet or I'm connected to WiFi Pineapple usb ethernet. That means I can either connect to the internet, or I can only connect to the pineapple, but not both at the same time. At this point, I am convinced it is a Kali Linux config issue. If anyone knows how to fix this, I'm all ears. Thank you for the hard work. In other news, I just received my Rubber Ducky and I'm excited.
  13. Darren, Thanks for the new video and the updated script. I hate to do this to you but for some reason kali linux terminal is not showing up the prompts for manual configuration. Granted, I had to go into the script to set the default gateway. I saved it and restarted the script and said yes to the "saved" settings. I noticed this because I still get an error when I allow the script to auto-detect settings. Notice that while the interfaces and ip addresses are correct I still get errors. Here is what I get if I try to manually configure the settings. Perhaps my terminal settings are
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