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  1. Hello. I'm quite new in the field and wanted to test out the usb-ralink adapter together with the pineapple. to ensure a good result with the pineAP. However i'm not sure what i am doing wrong. Can anyone describe the full setup step by step? Is it plug and play?, Is it supposed to be connected via the terminal and in that case what way? Shoud i do something different during setup of the pineapple?
  2. I tried to ping the address and it worked. I got my secondary phone to connect to the pineapple and were able to surf the web. i also were able to check Dwall on my laptop to log the data. But even if it worked. now i got some other problems. My clients don't show up in the clients tab at all. and when i try to do a recon scan, it just freezes. On every possible scan. Stuck at a 100% I tried a reboot, a shutdown, reboot the computer, updated the system, checked for updates on the pineapple, and im thinking that wiping the whole thing is the only option (again) This is getting a bit annoying
  3. Im trying to figure out how to use this module, It's my first pineapple and learning by trial and error. I started up my pineapple, downloaded the module, and then i don't know what settings are optimal, br-lan , wlan0, wlan0-1mon and so on And when i installed it the first time a while back, the log were fine,(earlier version) it showed that randomroll were started and so on, but now the only thing that i can see in the log is "false" And even though i have chosen not to start it on boot, it seems to always be on anyway Hope someone can clarify what i have been doing wrong!
  4. I can load bulletins on my laptop (using the Y-cable) and I can load it with my 4G tethering Using the wp6.sh script
  5. I am able to get Internet on the pineapple. And I can browse the Web on my own computer and so on. But if I use my phone as a target, deauthenticate it from wifi and it connects to the pineapple. But I can't get access to the Internet on the target device. That is the problem Hope someone can help me solve this I've probably done something wrong as usual Haha But that's how you learn I guess. I love this community!
  6. I'm very new at this, however I'm a quick learner how do I check that? Thank you for the answers!
  7. I have it either connect to my phone with 4G tethering or my home network with my laptop running kali Linux. None of them seem to be able to get me where I want. I don't have the landingpage enabled and I have updated all of the modules.
  8. Hello! I have a few questions. I am able to use PineAP and get clients to connect to me. (I have always asked for permission from the test subjects, just for educational purposes) However i want them to connect and be able to surf the web unknowingly that i am watching. And when i get some smart phones connected and watch the urlsnarflog. it recognizes a captive portal. Is it possible to do it discrete? And are there somewhere i can read up on the modules?, how to use them, understand every function and so on.
  9. It was up last night and were able to get everything I wanted. (since I'm in Sweden,I'm writing this 5:20 in the morning) Hope it stays up and running.
  10. Great! Then I will just patiently wait for it to be fixed.
  11. (I posted this in the nano modules part of the forum but i didn't get any clarity in the problem) Hello again! I have now gotten my sdcard to work and are able to install modules. But when it says it needs to download dependencies it doesn't do that. with some modules it starts installing and then it just go back to the "not installed" button. I have tried a few and no one seem to work. What am i doing wrong? I got 8 GB of storage on the sdcard.
  12. Yeah I can't access it either. Hope it will be fixed soon
  13. I'm trying to install them on my sdcard. Nmap, occupineapple, urlsnarf etc. Everyone I tried did not work at all. Since I'm a newbie learning I have probably done something wrong. Hope someone can clarify this problem!
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