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  1. Hi, Novice Nano User. Pineapple Mark VII (on order but not yet arrived), Synology DS-218 NAS. If Ubuntu is a requirement, the Synology Package Center does not list Ubuntu as available for download. Where can I find a tutorial, video, or step by step instructions explaining how to establish C2 on a Synology? Many Thanks, Mongoose
  2. Greetings, Ughcomeon, Thank you for posting antenna configs. Need to ask which antenna ports to plug in outdoor antenna(s). I have one Omni-directional, and a MFJ-1800 directional, each with 10 ft coax and appropriate SMA male connectors. If I use only one external antenna, which port should I use? The MFJ-1800 is amazing! I used to use it to leach IP out of hotel windows, by pointing it to less secure neighbor hotels or toward distant residential neighborhoods. All I needed was line of sight; distance can be miles away. That was back in the days when secure wifi was about 50% and there were lots of unsecure APs except in the DC area. MFJ-1800 Antenna There is a caveat, the coax needs to be no longer than 10 ft. I experimented with a 50 ft LMR-400 coax and the db loss was way too high. The USB cable between the computer and the transceiver would have to be as long as USB will function, in order to tower mount the MFJ-1800 and the transceiver. Many thanks, for all your hard work.
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