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Making new keyboard layout for usb rubber ducky and more. Need help


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Hi there!

I'm trying to make a new hu layout for the usb rubber ducky and for the bash bunny.

I'm having a bit of trouble to find the scan codes needed for the "translate".  I've used the different languages as an example for the codes, but I can not find the needed code for my Alt Gr key. Now I'm using the Ctrl+Alt as the AltGr key, but I've read on this forum that the Ctrl+Alt combo can lead to extra functions in some applications. Can someone help me to figure out a guide to map the keys?


"__comment":"Experiment with the CTRL-ALT btn as ALTGR",
";":"05,00,36",     --> need: AltGr+key36
"*":"05,00,38",    --> need: AltGr+key38
"#":"05,00,1b",    --> need: AltGr+key1b

Thanks in advance!

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8 hours ago, Skeleton022 said:

but I can not find the needed code for my Alt Gr key

Have you tried 40,00,00, or at least base it on 40,00,xx (depending on what you want to combine AltGr with)

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Thanks a lot!

I've tested it in the past few days, and It seems working just fine!


I have a strange behaviour now, that I cant figure out. I've set the 0 char as 0:00,00,2c (because my 0 is before the keyboard 1 char). It is working just fine in notepad it writes 0 as expected, but as soon as I try to run a script in powershell the 0 converts to a space char. Is there any advice I can follow to fix this?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hmmm, tell a bit more about the scenario, in what way is that PowerShell script introduced? Are you running an already existing PowerShell script on the "victim" machine from the Ducky (which shouldn't be a problem) or are you introducing the PowerShell script using the Ducky, i.e. quacking out strings that contain the script and then save it on the "victim" machine and then executing it?

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I'm sorry for not specifing the scenario.

I'm trying to run this ducky script: https://pastebin.com/DcCufxgP

Here is an image from the output: https://pasteboard.co/K1wwB93.png


I've found the problem 🙂 The 0 char was wrongly configured in the json file. But based on the de keyboard layout I've managed to find the correct hex for my 0 char.

The problem was that a normal layout uses 1234567890 on the keyboard, but the hungarian layout is 0123456789. So it is a totally different 0 pozition.


Thanks a lot for the help! 🙂 

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