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SIne I still don't hear from the support for my order after 7 days, I'll turn to the forum as the last act of despair in the hope that my request will finally bei answered here. Why has my order still not been shipped after more than 10 days ? My bill says: DHL/FedEx 2-5 business days". I know that everything is a little complicated at the moment due to the pandemic, but the you can at least respond to my support mails. That's dubious and more then unfriendly. I hope that this way I can reach someone who can tell me something about the order. 

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1 hour ago, Marshmello said:

Then don't write that you deliver it within 2-5 days. Support is more than bad, no resonance at all. I don't care if it's Christmas. If you're on vacation, you can also communicate it to your customers on your site.

Hak5 is based in the US, so assuming they would be reduced time, or even completely off, over Christmas is just common sense.....

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12 hours ago, Marshmello said:

,I hope you don't work anywhere with a lot of customer contact.

We'll, we don't work for hak5. I haven't had a one cent from them.

Or any free stuff.

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This is a public forum, anyone can respond if they so desire.

People pointed out the potential reasons for delays, and you've been increasingly hostile and outright attacking members of the community.

Don't get me wrong, frustration at a delay we can all understand. But you need to take into account the time of year, the year it's been, that depending on what you are ordering there is a back order (says it in red for certain items if I recall). 


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Yes, I agree with you and I'm also sorry for the insolence. I'm also not annoyed that there is a delay, but only that nobody thinks it is necessary to inform me as a customer. Support requests are not responded to at all and there is no telephone number or hotline. For me, this raises the question of whether this is a serious company or whether I am being kidnapped. After all, I bought something for $300. At least I can expect that or can't you find it?

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