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I need help loading Slax


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I am having trouble starting up slax.

When I boot up it recognizes the CD and puts me into DOS and im not sure what to do. I have tried reasearching it so please dont tell me to google it.

I'm new to Linux, never used it before and it seems like many people on these boards know what they're talking about, so if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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If that's DOS as in:

[version of DOS here]

with a prompt that looks like:


then you burnt the CD wrong. If your burning app gives you the option to make the disc you're burning 'bootable', don't check it, just burn the iSO straight to the disc. DVDDecrypter does this without any fancy options and can even burn to DVDs if you run out of CDRs.

However, if it's a prompt and it doesn't mention DOS, then it might be a Linux command prompt. I know jack about this, but Slax should walk you through the steps to get to a GUI, it's a nice Live CD, I use it quite a bit.

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