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Is it possible for a Router to get infected?


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Yes. Routers are hacked like its the wild wild west. Along with home iot devices.

I found 30 thousand devices generating coin for one person. At the time the value was like 120$ per day.


Most the time these devices are old routers from the 90's or just old devices with bad default settings like remote management is open by default with default password.


Chances are your device is new and your fine


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21 hours ago, jefjam7812 said:

Not Possible!

Clearly you're not aware of any router exploits like the DNS poisoning on DrayTek routers etc.

It's very possible. They exist. Unpatched / out of date router firmware can be a dream come true for opportunists.

However, I'm more curious about what the OPs AV is saying? Or how an AV would even know.. unless it knows DHCP is dishing out a poisoned DNS or something kooky?

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